How to Electronically Sign A Document Easily

In the era of the development of remote forms of cooperation and employment, the use of documents with only a handwritten signature would paralyze all processes. How do certify documents if people work remotely or do business with international partners and organizations? The answer came from the same digital environment in which many tasks from the daily work routine are currently carried out. An eSignature allows you to verify the identity of a person if it is made in accordance with all certified standards. Learn how electronically sign document so that the signature complies with all regulations and could not be forged.

Types of Electronic Signatures

The main task in the production and transmission of an electronic signature is to organize its protection so that scammers could not easily sign all documents for other people.

Secure Electronic Signature

The personal signature must be protected in some way. In the conditions of handwritten signing of documents in case of conflict situations, calligraphic expertise was used. For a digital signature, it is supposed to be stored on some secure medium, which acts as a guarantor of its authenticity. For example, it could be

  • cloud storage
  • token or whatever other secure means

To obtain such a protected electronic signature, you need to apply to an accredited site, such as signNow, which is licensed to issue eSignatures:

  • It is recognized in court and other legal bodies
  • It’s impossible to fake it

Simple eSignature

A simple electronic signature does not have such a high level of protection. To use it, just enter the following data:

  • password
  • phone number
  • some code or whatever

Its production does not require any intermediary and is completely free for the user. At the same time, simple eSignature has a number of disadvantages:

  • It may not be recognized in legal instances
  • It practically does not protect against forgery of documents

Therefore, in many business processes, the activities of government and other organizations, it is simply not used.

Digitize Your Workflows with signNow

signNow provides comprehensive services aimed at organizing business and work processes:

  • provision of a cloud infrastructure that allows the production and storage of official documents certified by the signatures of all parties involved
  • simplification and support of the process of collecting signatures or personally signing documents
  • creation of contracts of various types and their legal support with the help of eSignatures
  • automation of work on the production of documents of various types
  • development and offer of mobile applications for eSignature of documents

How to Sign an Electronic Document with signNow Platform

  • First, you need to create an account on the signNow website. If you are not sure that you need the services of this particular provider, take advantage of the free trial period in order to make sure of the high quality and comprehensiveness of the company’s services.
  • After creating your account, find the file upload function and open your document. The advantage of signNow is that you can use almost any text format for further work.
  • On the left panel of your account, find the eSignature option among all the functions and activate the button. The whole process takes only a few minutes.
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How to Get Signatures from Your Business Partners or Employees

  • Collecting other people’s eSignatures is not much more difficult than putting an individual electronic signature on a document.
  • First, you need to create the necessary fields in your document for the eSignature and other data of signers. To do this, use the function keys on the left panel of signNow interface.
  • When the document is ready, you can send the address link to your partners or distribute the document via email.
  • If your documents are highly sensitive, you can add additional security to them by requiring authentication using additional steps:

· entering passwords

· receiving a phone call

· getting code via SMS

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Why You Should Prefer SignNow Services

eSignature produced using the signNow platform is recognized as a handwritten signature in all legal organizations. You can:

  • choose the preferred type of signature for a particular document
  • Sign documents from any device, even without being online
  • use document templates to speed up their creation
  • keep track of all changes made to your documents by other employees
  • grant the right to access your documents, subject to full or limited rights to make changes to them
  • store all your documents in a securely protected cloud space, to which you will have access from any device, as well as provide such admission to others

If you frequently sign important documents, or if you are a manager or owner of a company and regularly collect signatures from other employees and business partners, selecting a platform for fulfilling this task is extremely important. The eSignature services provided must have a high degree of protection and guarantees of legal recognition. signNow will ensure that all the tasks of collecting signatures and organizing the document flow of your company are carried out at the highest level.

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