A Two Minute Primer to Fedora Hat Crown Shapes and Styles

If you are buying a fedora, many people will tell you to look out for several kinds of crowns and various styles of brims. Since the process can be a little complicated, it makes sense to get a grip on the various types of crowns fedora hats so you can figure out what will look good on you.

Understanding What a Crown of a Hat Is and Its Function 

A crown is the center of your hat and represents its body. It is the portion that covers the top of your head. There are innumerable variations in the shape and size of the crowns of fedora hats that change their appearance and how it feels on your head.

You can choose from a high crown or a low crown as far as the height of the crown of fedora hats is concerned. As the name indicates, the high crown fedora sits higher on your head. These hats are typically larger and are more noticeable. You can also choose to buy a low crown fedora that sits closer to your head. It gives you a more casual appearance and allows you to draw more attention to the brim instead. If you are tall, you may want to wear a low crown fedora, while if you are short, you may want to accentuate your height by wearing a high crown hat. In addition to the height of the fedora crown, there are other styles and types of indentations on the crown you need to choose from to make a unique style statement. These include:

Open Crown Fedora

While most people may not know the term, the open crown fedora is the most popular shape of the fedora, and most people are familiar with it. The crown has a completely round shape, which dates back to its earliest years. The open crown has made a comeback in recent times among both men and women because while it looks good as it is, they can also reshape it to their individual preferences. Most of the leading milliners will be happy to show the options of open crown fedoras, including those featuring long and soft fur felt that you can wear in cold weather to keep your head warm and comfortable.

Telescope Crown Fedora Hat

The telescope is much like the open crown style with a round boundary at the base of the crown. However, there is a marked difference on the top of the crown as the telescope crown features a flat top with a telescope crease that gives the top of the hat a distinctive flared edge. Because you can have several types of brims on a telescope crown hat it can be more difficult to choose a hat style. The top of a telescope crown hat doesn’t have to be flat or symmetrical in shape. You can get models with flared edges on both sides of the crown besides a telescope crease running along the entire crest of the hat. It is common to see fedora sporting these asymmetrical telescopic creases. The linear and more symmetrical creases are more commonly found in Pork Pie hats.

Teardrop Crown Fedora

According to The Gentleman’s Gazette, the teardrop crown is unarguably among the most popular and recognizable styles of fedora crowns. The style is also sometimes referred to as the C crown and features a deep crease running the length of the top of the crown. The pointed portion of the crease is at the front of the hat. It is also common to see teardrop fedoras featuring indentations on the sides to make handling easier. The teardrop fedora gets an even more distinctive look when the front of the crown descends front at an angle. You will love the fact that the teardrop crown shape works equally well with low crown hats and high crown hats and with brims of different kinds.

Diamond Crown Fedora

If you are confused about choosing between a teardrop crown and a telescope crown, you can consider the diamond crown fedora since it combines features of both. You get a telescopic crease on the top edge of the crown, but instead of the crown having a teardrop shape, the top and body of the crown get a diamond shape. Unlike most fedoras, the front of the crown is higher than the back, and typically, you do not have any indentations on the sides. A versatile style, you can wear a diamond crown fedora for both formal and casual occasions.


A fedora is extremely versatile in terms of shapes and sizes. While the size and shape of the brim are important, you also need to focus on the shape of the crown. With the right selection, you will look good and also feel comfortable. The point is to wear fedoras with confidence and make sure that you have the right attire and accessories to underline your personality.

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