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The Ultimate Guide To Live Streaming

Streaming technology has evolved dramatically over the years, but the basic definition still applies. In short, live-streaming allows you to send video and audio content over the Internet and record and play at about the same time.

Broadcasting anything live is a challenge. Multitasking is essential because there is no stopping or overtaking, and fast thinking is essential. Also, it is not possible to know exactly where the content will take you.

But the more you do, the better, as evidenced by thousands of expert live streamers. This article is full of live-streaming tips. Whether you’re new to live-streaming or not, hopefully, it helps everyone who wants to make the process smoother, and improve their products. 

However, keep in mind that live-streaming always has some unexpected elements, thus keep on reading to find more information about it!


Before you start, keep in mind that producing high-quality live video requires patience and, above all, planning. It’s not just about recording yourself and saying what’s on your mind – there are many things involved. If something goes wrong, your stream can get bad in just a few seconds.  

It is very important to think ahead and to think of your content and equipment. That is the basic key for success by many popular live streaming software platforms, thus we must learn from the experts. Prepare everything you need, and be passionate about what you are doing. We always scroll the video, so make sure the start of the live stream fascinates people.


Improving your internet connection is the first step before you start live-streaming. Therefore, connect to a dedicated wired connection to avoid network problems. Switching from Wi-Fi to wired LAN will increase your connection speed and improve the quality of your live stream. 

Another issue, except for those who can interfere with your Wi-Fi connection, is to keep checking for new networks even though your computer or laptop is already connected. As a result, the connection may be lost, and this is the last thing you want.

It has to be said, wired LAN does not always speed up the Internet. However, it provides a better one, one that is consistent and reliable. With this in mind, you don’t have to worry about being disconnected from the internet in the middle of a live stream.

Of course – equipment! 

You don’t need a lot of luxury equipment to create a high-quality live stream, but it’s important to have equipment such as cameras, microphones, and encoders. But if you want to record on your cell phone, experts say you require a tripod. Imagine how difficult it is to record Facebook Live when you always have your smartphone. 

Moreover, consider the sound quality and how professional you want it to be. Of course, most cameras have their mic, but you can also use a body mic, especially if you have a very noisy neighborhood. 

Who is watching you?

Yes, you have to think about your audience. Think about your audience before moving to live, for some brands are jumping head-on into live broadcasts without predicting the size of their audience. You have to avoid this by asking yourself: How many people will watch it? Do you want your stream to be private or public?

Livestreaming content on multiple platforms has the potential to reach more viewers than streaming it on just one site. In this case, you need to estimate the number of viewers. This round number will help you plan how to handle the feedback and questions you may receive from your viewers.

Of course, public live streams attract more people than private ones. Ultimately, it’s up to you whether everyone sees your content or just the people from the selected group. If you choose the latter, you may need a private video embedded in your website.

Be engaging

Live streams aren’t the typical YouTube videos where viewers sit down to watch content and if they’re lucky, like it or leave comments. No, that’s a completely different thing. In a live stream, viewers want to interact with you and participate in discussions. Therefore, it is important to find someone they can talk with. As you can see, the better the interaction, the longer the audience will be interested in what you do. Therefore, when they find it worthwhile, the viewer stays in your stream and contributes.

The audience doesn’t want to get bored and listen to some songs while waiting for your guests to come or for you to set up your camera. On the contrary, they should be involved in what is happening in front of them. After all, they watch your live stream because of the intimate connection it provides. Therefore, reward, speak, and acknowledge your loyal community. 

You can also call followers by name; alternatively, you can ask a question or answer it. Another option is to check if there is a song request and, if so, play the request.

Animate a little and enjoy the message spreading there, and always remember to smile when you speak. It comes across much better and can amplify the signal to your brain, and it makes you even more enthusiastic.

Live-streaming is getting more and more popular, and more people are being interested in doing it. Give your best, and try to connect with your audience, as they are the vital parts of your job. 

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