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How To Start Landscaping From Scratch

Here are some of the benefits of gardening, according to the professionals at Healthline: improved memory and mood, reduced stress, and fewer diseases.

Pretty impressive, right?

Sure, it might be easy to guess that a cool, quiet oasis is relaxing. But, the actual act of planting flower beds or harvesting your own herbs has a domino effect beyond what we might imagine.

If you’ve been wondering how to start landscaping from scratch, we’re going to help you. Together, we’ll plot and plan until all your dreams come to fruition.

Garner Inspiration

The landscaping process takes time; don’t try to rush it. Rather, enjoy the journey.

First, spend some time on Pinterest or gardening blogs and start saving images that jump out at you.

See what colors, tones, and textures might suit your space. As you do this, your garden style will start to evolve.

Perhaps you’ll end up with an English country garden. Or, maybe you’ll find your style is more formal and modern.

You’ll also begin to see what colors you’re attracted to and this, too, will help you research the right flowers for your climate.

DIY landscaping from scratch has a wonderful way of evolving organically over time and we’re certain you’ll embrace that fact.

Sketch a Plan

With some of your newfound favorite flowers in mind, sketch a loose plan of your garden design. Indeed, landscaping a yard from scratch does take a bit of foresight.

Try to draw your sketch as much to scale as possible. Measure your yard so you know what you’re working with. Then, draw it out on graph paper where maybe one square is three feet.

Without a plan that’s at least somewhat to scale, you could end up with far too many (or far too little) plants and flowers when it’s time to load up at the local nursery.

Analyze the Conditions

Along with plants and flowers, it’s possible you’ll also need potting soil or compost. Check the conditions of your land to see if certain parts of your soil are too rocky or too full of sand.

Also, you’ll want to note the areas that are covered in weeds and may need treatment before you invest in a gorgeous new plant that gets choked out by the resident weeds.

Use this time to figure out which parts of your home get the most (and the least) sunlight. This will determine the location of several of your potential plants and flowers.

Start Planting

With a firm understanding of your land and the proper plants for the proper seasons, it’s time to start planting!

Break your garden out into sections and tackle each section, one by one. Go slowly; don’t overwhelm yourself.

If you ever start to feel overwhelmed, don’t be ashamed to contact a landscape contractor like the folks over at Franzwitte.com.

Landscaping on your own is a lot of work. You can show the pros your plans and they can bring them to life with ease and expertise.

That’s How to Start Landscaping From Scratch

And there you have it! You can learn how to start landscaping from scratch with a pencil, graph paper, and Pinterest.

It’s important to know your land and understand the condition of your soil. But, with a little bit of ingenuity and a lot of sweat equity, you can soon have the fairytale garden of your dreams.

As you keep building out your home and seeking new avenues for inspiration, we invite you to keep coming back to visit our blog. It’s continually being updated, with you in mind.

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