10 On-Page SEO Techniques

Search Engine Optimization is the combination of off-page, on-page, and technical factors. All the factors are of great importance. Focusing on the on-page SEO techniques gives a more relevant stricture to your site. It helps to improve and optimize the web pages of a website. There are certain techniques and factors to be considered while doing on-page. You can use them for relevant and efficient working and get quality traffic on your website.   

1. Title Tag

The title tag is the head or what we call the title of the webpage. It gives you a clear idea that you are on the correct page that you have searched for. Try to place the primary keyword in the title tag so that the user can get relevant information. It gives your webpage a proper description regarding the topic that you have searched.  

2. Headlines

The content of your website should contain proper headings. Writing an effective and compelling heading makes the webpage look more efficient. It even makes the points more clear with the heading and the reader comes to know what the topic exactly is about. The headlines must be striking and on point, which shows the exact information. 

3. Meta Description

The meta description is an important factor of on-page SEO. It is a 160 characters long description often displayed in the SERPs under the title of the page. This HTML attribute provides a brief summary of the webpage. Optimizing it properly improves the quality of the website. Use the focused keyword for a better understanding. 

4. Crawling

The crawling of new and updated content is necessary for the website. It is done through the robots to find out the fresh content. Its purpose is to index the content so that it can be listed in the SERPs. It will be a waste of time if the users cannot discover your webpage so crawling it is another factor of on-page SEO.  

5. Alt Tags

The Alt tags can be used to increase the organic traffic of your website. It is applied to image tags that provide a text alternative to search engines. It plays a vital role in showing the images that you upload on your website. Every image needs an alt attribute to be accessible, so you have to take care of the alt tags while doing the on-page SEO.    

6. Writing Content

Posting quality content is a necessary thing to do while on-page. Fresh and lengthy content can help you rank the website. Auditing the content timely and making the updates proves to be helpful. An original and thoroughly researched content provides accurate information to the visitors. The keyword-related content is more convenient.  

7. Keyword Research and Usage

Using the keywords that are most searched in your content can help you to get your site in the top lists. You can search the keywords by using different tools and use them in writing. The related keywords can provide more quality to the content that attracts the reader. A proper heading and a brief summary of it make the content look more effective.   

8. Internal Links

Internal linking to your page and providing the URLs is also an important task to do. It is a type of hyperlink on a webpage to another page or resource. It can be a document or image on the same domain or website. They can be considered either internal or external depending on their target. Both the links allow users to navigate to another web page or resource. The internal linking allows search engines to crawl the websites.   

9. Optimizing the Image

Images added to your website makes it look more interesting and attractive. Choosing the right quality image and the right size is very important. Some images can slow down your website and lose the interest of users reaching your site. Choose relative images and optimize them properly before you put them on your webpage. Add Alt texts, caption, and image description to it. 

10. Speed of the Site

If your website takes too long to open then there are chances that you may lose the visitors and decrease the ranking. Your webpage must take a minimum of seconds to open that is an important factor to look for. Everyone relies on instant search results and waiting for them loses their interest. So make sure you have a look at it. Surat Training is the oldest institute of SEO Training in Surat located in Surat

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