Facts at a glance

CHADAR FROZEN RIVER TREK  Nearest Air Port – Delhi

CHADAR FROZEN RIVER TREK  Difficulty level – Moderate to  Tough

CHADAR FROZEN RIVER TREK  Base camp – Shingra Koma

CHADAR FROZEN RIVER TREK  Maximum altitude – 11,100 ft



If the question is what is the most adventurous high altitude trek in Himalayan ranges then then answer will be always Chadar Frozen River trek in Ladakh Best Place to Visit In Leh Ladakh. Can you imagine that how is it feel walking on a frozen river. Freezing weather along with high altitude makes it one of the toughest trekking route of India. Best Time to Visit In Leh Ladakh as for chadar frozen trek is at the time of November to March The frozen landscapes, chilled water beneath frozen path and mysteriously shaped frozen waterfalls will blow you to a different world.

Day 1 – Delhi to Leh

Usually, the flight departs from Delhi in the morning for Leh.  Leh is situated at an elevation of 11,480 ft is the capital of the Ladakh region. Leh is is the gateway of any tour and trek of the Ladakh region as the place is connected with Delhi by air.

Day 2 – Leh sightseeing and acclimatization day

This is your acclimatization day too as you have gained so much altitude in just an hour. On this day you can arrange some sightseeing in Leh instead of relaxing in the hotel room. Leh is famous for some ancient monasteries.

Day 3 – Medical checkup day

A clearance of medical certificate is necessary from 2019. Everyone not gets the certification. Trekkers who are adequately fit and well acclimatized are allowed and get the required certificate. You have to go to the SNM hospital for this certification.

Day 4 – Leh to Shingra Koma

Shingra Koma is the base camp of this trek. It is a 70 km drive which will take 4 hours to reach the base camp. Pitch your tent here and stay overnight.

Day 5 – Shingra Koma to Tibb Cave

At first it will be quite odd for you to walk on the frozen ice but as the time goes you will be accustomed with it. After 7 hours of trekking with one or two short break you will reach Tibba cave by afternoon.

Day 6 – Tibb Cave to Naerak

You have to trek for 7 to 8 hours to cover the distance of 13 km. There is a waterfall which is the largest frozen waterfall of the whole region. This night is the most challenging part of this trek.

Day 7 – Naerak to Tibb Cave

It’s just the return trip through the same way. The whole scenario can be change from the yesterday when you have gone through the same path. You will meet some locals during the trek and can feel that how challenging their life actually is.

Day 8 – Tibb – Shingra Koma – Leh

Try to start early in the morning. Most of the trekkers proceed towards Shingra Koma on this day. As it is starting point of the trek ,it is the finishing point too. Reach Leh before evening or night and spent your night here.

Day 9 – Leh to Delhi

Reach the Leh airport before schedule time and reach Delhi within two hours. You can visit some popular places in Delhi or head to your homeland with a breathtaking experience of a week in the pocket of your mind by ending your one more trek at Best Place to Visit In Leh Ladakh and must keep in mind you have to go for this trek at the month of November to March is the Best Time to Visit In Leh Ladakh for Chadar Frozen River Trek.

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