The Brief and Only Travel Packing List You’ll Ever Need to Have Fun

Did you know that 1 in 5 people in the United States stress over packing for vacation and have to rethink their strategy? 

Whether you are dealing with over or under-packing, either one could impact the trip and stress you out before you leave the house.

If you are worried about what to pack for your upcoming trip, there are a couple of essentials to consider. 

Continue reading to discover the best travel packing list so that you and your family are prepared for any adventure on vacation! 

Books & Activities 

Some of the best things to include on your travel packing list are books and simple activities.

If you are going to be on a plane or in the car for a long time, a book could help keep you busy. Books are also great if you are sitting at the pool or beach on a warm day. Activities like puzzles and card games are also good to pack if you have downtime and want to keep the family engaged. 

Try to pack these items in advance, as they can become expensive buying them at airports or travel stops. 


If you want to engage in smart travel, you must pack all of the clothes that you could need on your trip.

Whether you go somewhere warm or cold, make sure that you bring the correct items. Pack plenty of socks, undergarments, and pants. You should also bring a variety of shirts, jackets, and shoes to stay comfortable. Many people recommend rolling your clothes to fit more into your suitcase. 

It is best to bring items of clothes that can be mixed and matched so that you don’t bring too many options. 

Recreational Items 

Depending on where you are headed, it is a good idea to pack recreational items.

Think about the area you will be in and pack what makes sense. If you are headed to a ski resort, don’t forget your ski and snowboarding supplies. Families that will be out in the wilderness should consider packing kayaks, walking sticks, and bicycles. 

If you want to travel with cryptocurrency, you will need to look for places that are willing to accept it. Without doing this research ahead of time, you might miss out on fun activities planned for the family. 

Don’t forget to pack sunscreen and bug spray for your trip so that you can keep bites and burns away! 


The travel industry recommends that you bring enough toiletries to keep you comfortable while you are away.

It can be a risky game to play if you don’t pack your essentials and hope that the hotel will have free samples. Be sure to pack your soap, hair wash, and conditioner. You should also pack your toothbrush and deodorant in a carry-on bag if you are flying in case you were to lose your luggage bag. 

Prepare Yourself With This Travel Packing List 

If you are looking for a travel packing list that covers the essentials, you don’t need to search any further.

This guide covers everything that you will need for your vacation getaway, whether you will be in the great outdoors or on a resort. Besides packing clothes and toiletries, you must also think about the activities that you will be doing on your vacation. 

Take time to gather essential outdoor items that will keep you comfortable on hot muggy days and in the cold air. 

Be sure to check out our blog for more articles about travel essentials and preparing for your next vacation! 

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