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Hand Sanitizer: How Much Is Too Much?

It is not possible to wash your hands every time you go out and you don’t even know that you will get soap and water or not, therefore keeping a hand sanitizer with you can be a better choice rather than washing your hands. Using hand sanitizer before touching anything when you are outside your house is the best way to keep yourself safe from germs and bacteria.

Self-hygiene is the best way to keep yourself safe and healthy. Cleaning your hands is one of the best self-hygiene as they are the most crucial part of your body. 

You touch your eyes, nose, mouth, and your face many times a day, so cleaning your hands properly is one of the best ways to stop the spread of germs and bacteria. If you do not find soap and water to wash your hands then you can undoubtedly use the sanitizer at its place. Let’s see how much hand sanitizer is too much? 

Use of Hand Sanitizer:

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Use of Hand Sanitizer

A small drop of hand sanitizer is enough to kill germs and bacteria present on your hands. Take a drop of the sanitizer on your palm and rub it on both of your hands until it gets fully evaporated. Get your hands fully dried. Rub the sanitizer on your palm till 20 to 30 seconds so that the germs that are present on your hands get destroyed in just seconds. 

Choosing the Right Hand Sanitizer:

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Choosing the Right Hand Sanitizer

A sanitizer is most effective when it contains at least 60 percent of alcohol and more than it will be better. Foam sanitizer is also a good one to choose from. Choose the one that has a moisturiser in it so that it can prevent skin dryness. If your sanitizer does not contain moisturizer then apply it afterward to keep your hands soft and moisturized.  

Effectiveness of Hand Sanitizer:

  • Sanitizers that consist of more than 60 percent of alcohol is the most effective one. It kills 99.99 percent of germs after applying it. It starts working just in 10 seconds after applying it. 
  • When you are not able to find soap and water then the sanitizer is an effective gel to get rid of infection and diseases. 
  • If you are traveling outside or going out for some work or traveling in public transport then sanitizer is a must need a thing.   
  • Hand sanitizers are very effective to prevent the spread of many pathogens and microbes that are present on your palms.  

Advantages of Hand Sanitizer:

There are certain advantages to hand sanitizers. Sanitizers are a perfect cleaning substitute that can be taken to anywhere you go.

  • It kills germs rapidly without consuming more time.
  • It takes less time to clean your hands as compared to soap and water. 
  • You do not need to wipe your hands with a towel after using sanitizer.
  • It can be carried anywhere you go. Just keep a small bottle in your bag and use it whenever necessary. 

Disadvantages of Hand Sanitizer:

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Disadvantages of Hand Sanitizer

Along with advantages there are certain disadvantages of hand sanitizer as well.

  • It cannot clean your hands if they are very dirty.
  • Greasy or oily hands cannot be cleaned with the use of sanitizer.
  • Using too much sanitizer can make your hands dry.
  • Choose the one that has moisturiser in it or you have to use hand moisturiser after using the sanitizer.

Hand sanitizer usually gets expired in three years. The expiry date of the sanitizer is written on the bottle. Washing hands with soap and water are much better than using sanitizer.

 If you rub your hands for 30 seconds with soap and water then it kills all the hazardous germs present on your hands. Sanitizers are for that time only when soap and water are not available, other than it nothing is better than soap and water. 

In case if you cannot find a hand sanitizer then you can make it on your own. But it is to be made by the one who has better knowledge and expertise in medical equipment and chemicals.

You need three ingredients to make your own sanitizer. 2/3 cup of isopropyl alcohol that is rubbing alcohol, 1/3 cup of pure aloe vera gel, and 8 to 10 drops of essential oil. Take a clean bowl and mix all the ingredients well add the oil drop by drop, do not add it all together. 

Then take a clean empty bottle that is airtight and fill the sanitizer with the help of a funnel into the bottle. Your sanitizer is ready to use, but use it when no other option is available otherwise soap and water are best.    

Sanitizers should be kept out of reach of kids and infants as there are many chances that they may swallow it and it can be harmful to them. Store your sanitizer in a cool place or else the alcohol will evaporate from it and it will be of no use. 

Some Places Where Sanitizers Should Be Kept:

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Places Where Sanitizers

Placement of sanitizer should be made compulsory at workplaces, as every day so many people visit the place and the staff working there should also keep themselves safe. Placing a hand sanitizer dispenser near the main door or restrooms is a good idea. 

Malls have automatic <a href=””>hand sanitizer dispensers</a> so that people get less infected. The use of sanitizers is every day done in clinics and hospitals so that the staff and doctors performing their duties there do not get infected with any type of virus or disease. Safety always comes first so keep yourself and your surroundings healthy, clean, and hygienic.   

Tips to Be Safe From the Spread of Virus:

The spread of viruses and flu cannot be controlled by anyone but you can take some precautions regarding your safety and hygiene.

  • Wash your hands frequently in a day to avoid germs and bacteria. 
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with dirty hands. 
  • If soap and water are not available then make use of sanitizer. 
  • Clean your home and surroundings every day and be in a healthy environment.
  • Avoid a handshake to prevent the spread of viruses. 

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