Political Correctness Jumped The Shark

Political correctness has been around for quite some time now, and it seems to be gripping more and more people by the throat. What started out as a way to protect people from hurtful or offensive language has slowly morphed into an Orwellian nightmare where innocuous things are censored and free speech is deemed offensive. This trend is not limited to just the United States; it’s happening all over the world. And it’s time we stopped letting political correctness dictate our behavior. In this article, we will explore the dangers of political correctness jumped the shark and how you can fight back against it. From speaking your mind to standing up to those who try to silence you, read on to learn more about the reality of political correctness and how you can survive it.

What is political correctness?

Political correctness has been used as a scapegoat for various controversies in recent years. The term is often used to describe the ways in which people refrain from saying things that could potentially offend other people. However, some critics argue that political correctness has gone too far, and that it’s restricting free speech.

Supporters of free speech argue that political correctness can stifle debate and prevent open communication. They also say that it can be oppressive, and limits the expression of unpopular opinions. Critics of political correctness say that it’s not actually responsible for any incidents of censorship, and that it’s just a way to avoid offending people. They also argue that it leads to oversensitivity, and can create an atmosphere of fear where no meaningful discussion can take place.

The history of political correctness

Political correctness has been around for a while, but it surged in popularity starting in the late 1990s. The term was first used to describe how people were trying to be polite and not offend others. But over time, political correctness became something different entirely.

Now, many people believe that political correctness is a way of limiting free speech. People who are critical of mainstream society are often labelled as being politically incorrect, even if they’re just trying to speak their minds. This has led to a lot of controversy and debate over the years – especially on college campuses.

Some argue that political correctness is actually hurting society. They say that it’s leading to a culture of censorship and intolerance. Others argue that it’s simply an attempt to be sensitive towards different cultures and viewpoints. It’s definitely an interesting topic – one that will likely continue to be debated for years to come.

How political correctness harms society

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Political correctness has become an issue that polarizes society. It is a problem because it undermines the free exchange of ideas and critical thinking. It creates a narrow-minded culture where people are afraid to say anything that might offend someone else. Political correctness restricts the expression of opinions, which ultimately harms society as a whole.

The root of the problem is that political correctness is based on incorrect assumptions about human nature. For example, adherents of political correctness believe that all people are inherently good and that they should not be offended by anything. But this is not true. People can be aggressive and violent, and they can also be racist and sexist. In fact, many people are offensive because they are ignorant or arrogant.

Another mistake made by proponents of political correctness is their belief that all language is equal. This is not true, either. Some words carry more weight than others due to their historical significance or cultural significance. For example, the word “rape” has a specific meaning that cannot be accurately conveyed by other words.

The result of these mistakes is a culture where people are afraid to express their opinions freely for fear of being labeled offensive or intolerant. This shuts down debate and prevents us from having honest conversations about important issues. We end up withinstead of reasoned discourse

The effects of political correctness on the mentally ill

The term “political correctness” has been used as a derogatory term to describe the excessive use of semantics, euphemisms, and PC language by people in positions of authority. A more accurate definition would be that political correctness is a way of trying to create an inclusive environment that avoids unintentionally hurting or offending people. However, there are several disadvantages to using politically correct language when discussing mental health issues.

One problem with using politically correct language when referring to mental illness is that it can make it difficult for those with mental illnesses to feel comfortable talking about their experiences. By labeling symptoms and conditions as “political correctness,” we can inadvertently silence those who need help the most. This also leads to an overall under-reporting of mental illness in society, as people are less likely to speak out when they don’t feel comfortable doing so.

Furthermore, using politically correct terminology can lead to misconceptions about mental illness. For example, calling depression “the blues” implies that there is something wrong with being sad, which may not be the case for all people with depression. Similarly, calling schizophrenia “a chronic condition” downplays its severity. This can lead some people with mental illnesses to feel like they don’t deserve help or support because their condition isn’t considered serious enough.

Overall, there are several disadvantages to using politically correct terminology when referring to mental health issues. By avoiding potentially offensive terms, we can create an environment where everyone feels comfortable discussing their experiences without fear of judgement. Additionally, by

Effects of political correctness on minorities

Political correctness has had a detrimental effect on minorities throughout history. It has effectively silenced minority voices and prevented them from speaking out about the issues that matter to them. This has led to a decreased level of equality for minorities, as they are not able to have their voices heard. In some cases, political correctness even prevents minorities from being represented in the media or working in certain industries. Political correctness is a form of censorship that limits freedom of speech and expression. It is becoming increasingly difficult to discuss sensitive topics without facing backlash from those who adhere to the ideology. This poses a serious threat to free speech and democracy as a whole.


I don’t think I have ever seen anything quite as absurd as the current state of political correctness. It seems like every day something new and outrageous is being demanded of us, often without any logical reason behind it. Whether it’s people insisting that we call all women ‘gals’ or refrain from using the word ‘man’ because it’s offensive to transgenders, PC culture has taken a turn for the worse and is no longer serving any practical purpose. If we want to progress as a society, we need to abandon this crazy trend and start embracing common sense once again.

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