What Is Dropshipping Bundling And How To Bundle Your Products To Maximize Sales?

Do you have a dropshipping business but struggling to increase your sales? If so, you want to try out bundling the unpopular products with your best sellers! Bundling is a popular e-commerce strategy that allows you to sell multiple products together as a single bundle.

By bundling your products, you can create a more comprehensive offer that’s easier to sell, and you can also bundle your products in different ways to create unique offers that are more likely to capture customer interest. In this blog post, we’ll explain what dropshipping bundling is, how it works, and the most popular e-commerce business bundling strategies. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about this powerful e-commerce marketing strategy!

What is Dropshipping Bundling?

Dropshipping bundling is a great way to increase product sales and boost your online store’s visibility. It’s a process of combining multiple (somehow relevant) products into one order, which increases your chances of success. Bundling lets you sell products that customers wouldn’t normally order, allowing you to get rid of excess inventory.

Experiment with different bundle combinations and see what works best for your store. Keep in mind that it’s important to choose the right items for bundling that may sell well together. Bundle regularly and experiment with different combinations to see what works best for your business!

7 Key Product Bundling Advantages:

Boost in Revenue:

Bundling your products together is a great way to increase sales and boost revenue. Bundling your products can also lead to reduced time spent on your website – making it easier for them to buy and check out quickly. This, in turn, compels customers to make the purchase, leading to higher sales for you!

Pricing opacity

One of the highly effective ways to increase average sale prices without customers knowing it is by bundling products. Bundles create a sense of value for the customer, as they are viewing the bundle’s price as a whole rather than individual product pricing. So by selling products in bundles, you can make your items appear more expensive than they actually are- giving your customers a bigger perceived value for their money.

Get Rid of Surplus Stock

One of the simplest ways to reduce inventory levels is by bundling your products together. This way, you can cut down on the amount of inventory you have on hand while also increasing the number of orders you receive. In turn, this results in a reduced inventory level – which ultimately saves both time and money. A great way to get rid of the stock that’s not selling individually.

Boost Product Visibility

There are a few ways in which product bundling can be used to increase customer awareness. –

By bundling other non-popular products with popular ones, you bring customers’ attention to them as well. This helps your products get better visibility across your eCommerce platform.

Boost customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a precious commodity and one that businesses can easily lose if they’re not careful. Building customer loyalty starts with delivering value-added products and services. That’s why bundling your products is such a smart idea – it gives customers the chance to get more for their money. Offering exclusive discounts or free shipping are also great ways to show your appreciation for satisfied customers. By doing so, you create loyal followers who will come back again and again – guaranteed!

Once you’ve got their attention, you can also upsell them on additional items or cross-sell related products.

Helps you save on shipping costs

Shipping costs can easily take up a big chunk of the cost of selling online, so it’s important to bundle your products and send them in one order to reduce costs. Unless the size or weight of your order exceeds the shipping company’s specific load tiers, you can send multiple products in one bundle and save on shipping costs. Or, you can offer discounts on shipping this way, which will attract customers who value lower shipping costs and convenience when shopping online.

Increases impulse buying

Impulse buyers get the urge to get all products bundled together in one go to have everything related to the original product they need at their disposal. This leads to more sales for you!

How to Bundle and Present Your Bundling Offer?

When it comes to bundling, there is no one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why it’s important to test different formats and bundle products that customers will want to buy together. There are a few very crucial elements to consider when bundling, such as:

· Product presentation format (packaging)

· Products that customers would like to buy together (eg: Pen with notepad)

· Try offering a limited-time offer (LTO) on specific bundles

· Consider adding bonuses or free gifts to increase customer satisfaction.

· Lastly, take the time to test different bundles and find what works best for your product line

3 Most Popular e-Commerce Business Bundling Strategies

1. Mixed bundling

Mixed bundling is a great way to increase product sales. It’s when you bundle products that are often sold together like toothpaste and toothbrush. This way, customers can save money while getting the products they need all at once.

2. Pure bundling

Bundling is when smaller products, which might not be sold separately are bundled with bigger (more valuable) products such as a set of bamboo chopsticks with ramen bowls.

3. Same products

Selling packs of the same items can be a great way to increase your sales. For example, selling socks or paper towels in bulk. This allows customers to order a pack of the same item instead of purchasing them individually. This way, they get more value for their money and you get more sales.

Where to Find Products That are Affordable And Can Be Bundled Together?

Many dropship supplier platforms like Alibaba and DHGate have a massive selection of products you can bundle together. However, bundling means buying multiple products in small quantities as you must test the bundles first. Now the problem with small quantities is you don’t hold much-negotiating power, which means you end up paying high sourcing prices.

The best solution to this problem is to directly work with manufacturers and not the middlemen on these platforms. And the best place to connect with manufacturers is MyDepot. It has a massive range of home and furniture products that you can bundle together and source at significantly lower prices.

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