6 Money-Saving Tips When Hiring A Divorce Lawyer

Marriage starts with happiness and may end up ending in divorce. Just like marriage agreements, a divorce is a legal process that requires the services of an attorney. However, divorce lawyers can be expensive, which deters many from seeking the services. But you don’t have to work without an attorney due to cost, as you can apply practical tips to save your money.

Factors that determine attorney charges in a divorce case

  • Time and effort of the attorney. Usually, the attorney fee depends on the time and effort of the attorney, mainly on an hourly basis.
  • Value of the divorce attorney services. Sometimes, your divorce may be complicated. In such a case, the value of the service increases your divorce attorney charges.
  • The obtained Results. Experienced lawyers like the Columbus divorce attorney will win likely win a favorable divorce term, translating to a higher pay.

Money-saving tips when hiring a divorce attorney

1. Be precise in your communication

Usually, a divorce attorney bills you for any communication. Whether on calls or by email, long conversations increases your bills. Therefore, organize your message or question to keep the conversation short. Ensure your calls or face-to-face conversations saves time to save money.

2. Fill out your final disclosure statement (FDS)

FDS entails preparing your bank statement, tax returns, credit card balance, or mortgage statement. By preparing the FDS yourself, you’ll have reduced time and work for your divorce lawyer. The lesser the work, the lesser the money you’ll pay.

3. Settle basic things with your spouse.

Instead of spending money disputing over minor issues, try to communicate and settle such matters before litigation. It will make no sense to pay for something you can solve amongst yourselves.

4. See a therapist 

If you need emotional support, call your therapist. They will are more affordable as you’ll only be charged co-pay due to your health insurance. Again, seeking emotional support from your attorney makes you concentrate on emotions rather than divorce. Let your attorney handle your legal issues and leave your emotional problems to experts. 

5. Research your state’s divorce procedures.

Before consulting your divorce attorney, read all the legal steps about divorce in your state. Fill out all the necessary documents required in your state for your divorce. Additionally, the basic idea of divorce procedure helps you relevant questions to your attorney. By performing such activities yourself, attorney time will reduce, so your bill will decrease.

6. Have task-based billing

You can agree with your attorney on a billing basis, such as task-based billing. Task-billing base allows you to be charged for certain services by your attorney. Such a basis helps you be billed only for specific services and is cost-effective. Additionally, you can choose a flat-fee billing basis. You’ll agree with your lawyer on a flat fee for a specific service to pay. You’ll be able to negotiate fair fees instead of hourly charges. 

Divorce is a traumatic experience. It can result in a financial crisis due to a mounting legal fee. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the high divorce attorney fee and save to start your life again. Apply the above-discussed tips to save when hiring an attorney.

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