Ranking the Best Postseason Events

Sporting events provide great entertainment throughout the year, but the action really starts to heat up when the playoffs/postseason begins. Making score predictions in the playoffs is never easy as these games usually come with plenty of unpredictability and drama. 

Not all of the postseason events are equal though as some are much more enjoyable than others. Every sport has some sort of tournament or playoffs at the end of the season, but not all of them work out well.

Here are the seven best postseason events that take place in the United States, ranked in order of entertainment value. 

7. College World Series

Let’s start with a sport that doesn’t always get a ton of love in the United States, and that’s baseball. Baseball will actually appear on this list twice as the college baseball postseason is terrific. 

The College World Series takes place in the Summer every year, and it is one of the best postseason events in the United States. Omaha, Nebraska is the host city for this event, and thousands of people flock to the city to watch the tournament unfold. 

6. NBA Playoffs

The NBA is a highly-popular league and it features some of the best athletes in the world. The NBA Finals attract millions of viewers from around the world, and the action is usually outstanding. 

The only real problem with the NBA Playoffs though is that the first round usually provides very little excitement. Teams with losing records often sneak into the playoffs and then they are dominated in only a handful of games in the first round. 

After the field is cut to eight teams, that is when the action really starts to heat up.

5. MLB Playoffs

The MLB Playoffs continue to expand, and that would seemingly make the postseason event better. That hasn’t been the case though and it has simply made some of the early rounds difficult to watch and follow.

The World Series will always be one of the most important sporting events in the United States, but there isn’t a ton of excitement for the rest of the games. Baseball has become less popular through the years, and the league has a number of issues to fix. 

4. College Football Playoff

The College Football Playoff might be the best postseason event on the list, but we also have to include the bowls as well. College football bowl season used to be tremendous, but that is simply no longer the case.

There are too many bowl games, and it’s just hard to get excited for a matchup between .500 teams from a bad conference. The actual playoff event is tremendous, but it doesn’t make up for the rest of the games that leave much to be desired. 

3. NHL Playoffs

The NHL is not one of the most popular sports in the United States, but that all changes when it comes time for the playoffs. It’s hard to argue against the excitement and drama that comes with the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Hockey is a sport that features very little scoring to begin with, and that typically makes all of the games tight. Close games in the playoffs add additional drama and stress, and you can’t beat the action that comes with this postseason tournament. 

2. NFL Playoffs

It might seem strange to have the NFL Playoffs in the second spot on this list, especially since the Super Bowl is involved. The Super Bowl is the biggest single sporting event in the United States, but the rest of the playoffs sometimes come up short.

There are usually some blowouts in the early rounds of the playoffs, and some bad teams often get into the NFL Playoffs. The Super Bowl can usually make up for a lack of excitement in other rounds, but it’s not enough to top the list. 

1. NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

There really is only one answer when choosing the best postseason event in sports as the NCAA Tournament is clearly the top option. This tournament just gets it right every single time, and you won’t find any more drama and excitement anywhere. 

March Madness spans three weeks in March and April, and 68 teams are all competing for the right to cut down the nets. What makes this tournament so special is the fact that it is usually full of upsets and it’s never easy to predict which team will make that magical run. 

The NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is an event that can be enjoyed by both sports fans and non-sports fans. 

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