Joe Biden net worth (Updated in 2022)

As we knew, Joe Biden is the current and 47th president of the U.S. so Joe Biden net worth is a very discussing topic all around the world. Joe Biden had been the Vice president of Barack Obama.

The vice president of the current president and the vice president of the U.S is Kamala Harris. In 1968, Biden got graduated in law from Syracuse University.

So, here in this article, we will tell you about Joe Biden, his awards and nominations, marital status, and Joe Biden net worth.

Joe Biden net worth 2022:


Joe Biden is the current president and was the vice president of Obama when from 2009 to 2017. Born in 1942, Biden is now 79 years old. Joe Biden is 1.82 meters tall and 68 kilograms in weight.

Francis W. Biden, James Brian Biden, and Valerie Biden are the siblings of Joe Biden. Joseph R. Biden Sr.is the father while Catherine Eugenia Finnegan is the mother of Joe Biden.

Biden got his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Delaware and got a law degree from Syracuse University.

Joe Biden defeated Trump by winning the elections of 2022 and became the 47th president of America. Joe Biden net worth is one of the most discussed topics from his presidency.

The main source of his wealth is Law and Politics while Biden is ls a writer. Before his vice presidency, he was the poorest man in congress. Joe Biden and his current spouse have also earned so much wealth from speaking engagements and book sales.   


As the current president and former president of America, he has owned various honors and awards. From all of his awards, we have listed some of his important awards in the below table.  

Joe Biden1992New YorkEllis Island Medal of Honor
Joe Biden2005GeorgiaTrue Ally Award
Joe Biden2009MarylandAnnie Glenn Award
Joe Biden2011District of ColumbiaDistinguished International Leadership Award
Joe Biden2013New YorkIrish America Hall of Fame Inductee
Joe Biden2015MarylandHumanitarian Award
Joe Biden2015New YorkPatriarch Athenagoras Humanitarian Award
Joe Biden2016IndianaLaetare Medal by John Boehner
Joe Biden2018DelawareCommon Wealth Award of Distinguished Service
Joe Biden2016Republic of IrelandGold Medal of Honorary Patronage
Joe Biden2018DelawareJosiah Marvel Cup Award
Joe Biden2017District of ColumbiaCongressional Patriot Award
Joe Biden2017District of ColumbiaZbigniew Brzezinski Annual Prize
Joe Biden2017New YorkCourage Award
Joe Biden2017New YorkUnited Nations Day Humanitarian of the Year Award
Joe Biden2017District of ColumbiaASH Public Service Award
Data taken from Wikipedia

Marital Status:

Besides finding Joe Biden net worth, let us tell you about Joe Biden’s love life and relationship. First, in 1966, Joe Biden married Neilia Hunter who was an American teacher. She died in 1972. After being single for 5 years, Joe Biden married Jill Biden which is the current wife of Biden.

Joe Biden is the father of 4 children Ashley Biden, Hunter Biden, Beau Biden, and Naomi Biden. He has two daughters and two sons.    

Joe Biden Net Worth 2022:

Now let’s talk about Joe Biden net worth. As the 47th president of the United States, his net worth is an often-asked question all around the world. According to 2022 stats, Joe Biden net worth is $9 million. Joe Biden mostly spends his money on luxury cars collection.

Well, the official house of Joe Biden is the White House but he has another luxury house with a worth of $350,000 in Delaware.    

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