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What Are The Steps In Selling A Home?

Did you know that it takes an average of 30 to 45 days to sell a home in the United States?

There are many steps involved in selling a home, especially when you think about all of the preparation.

If you are wanting to move to a new area, there are a couple of steps to follow that will get you on the right path.

Continue reading to discover the steps in selling a home so that you can move out quickly and find your new place!

Prepare Your Home

One of the most important steps in selling a home is getting it prepared to move out, take pictures, and do showings.

Buyers are less likely to buy a home that is messy and cluttered. As you begin packing, make sure that you clean up the home and get it looking as good as possible. You will also want to focus on curb appeal by handling landscaping needs.

If you have a storage area in your house, try to organize it and use it for storing your packed boxes.

Pick a Selling Price

A difficult step in the home selling process is determining a reasonable and fair price for the house.

By looking at local listings in your area, you can figure out how much homes are selling for in your town or city. Make sure that you are comparing your home’s price to other homes that have similar features. If you have certain amenities in your home or yard, keep these in mind as you determine your price.

Most people work with a realtor to create a listing price that will be attractive to both the buyer and seller.

Get Pictures Taken

When it comes to selling your home, you will want to get professional pictures taken so that they can be uploaded online.

Although you can take photos yourself, it is better to go with a professional. They have the resources and experience that will highlight areas of your home in the best light possible. Not only will they be able to get good photos (and even videos), but they can also help point out areas on weakness in the home that need to be addressed.

Put House on Market

Selling a house has become much easier with the help of online resources and websites.

You will want to get your home posted on your state’s listing page. You can also upload your information to sites such as Zillow,, and more!

Learning about how much are realtor fees can help you budget for when the house gets sold. As you start getting showing and people put in offers, you will be able to negotiate prices and sell to the best buyer.

Learn the Steps in Selling a Home

There are many steps in selling a home that you must consider before packing up and leaving.

A home seller should first focus on getting the house ready by doing repairs and cleaning up. This will make the process a lot simpler as you get professional pictures taken and people start walking through.

Many people recommend working with a realtor to get your home up on the market and start planning showings. From here, you will be able to start accepting and negotiating offers.

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