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4 Exercises to Improve your Vision

Physical activity or workout is crucial for your overall well-being and can play a key role in maintaining your physical health. While physical activity offers multiple physical and psychological health benefits, our eyes health is no exception.

Why is your eye health important?

Eyes, an important organ of our body that acts as our windows to the outside world. However, our eye health doesn’t remain the same, many factors including our lifestyle habits and the effects of aging tend to weaken our eyes.  

Despite the belief that our eyes’ health will get worse with time, there is a lot we can do to improve it or at least minimize the damage. From adequate nutrition, to minimizing screen use all these ways can surely help us to have a clear vision for longer periods.

Exercises for the eye health

But do you know that eye exercises also play a key role in retaining our vision over time? Yes, you hear me right. Your eyes, just like any part of your body contain muscles that tend to become weaker with time however, practicing physical activity for eye muscles can keep your eyes healthy and strong.

Unfortunately, many people take longer than expected times to know about the importance of physical activity for their eyes. I was also one of them. A few years ago I developed double vision where I find it hard to focus on things or you can say double vision. I visited many eye specialists and later I was diagnosed with convergence insufficiency where my eye muscles were found to be weaker, then my doctor suggested eye pushups as well as gave the supplements.

How to take care of your eyes with exercise?

If you are also wondering how you can improve your eyesight with exercise here are a few of them that can help you. Some of the exercises are;

1- Blinking

Blinking is a natural phenomenon and it is one of the easiest things that can help you to see well. Blinking can keep your eyes moist preventing dehydration. Moreover, with excessive exposure to electronic devices, our eyes tend to strain and weblink less resulting in poor vision.

Blinking refreshes your vision during consecutive periods of looking at the screen and improves your focus. When your eye muscle doesn’t strain they automatically perform better and you can enjoy a better and clear vision. You can make blinking a habit by setting a timer for two minutes and blinking your eyes every four seconds

2- Figure 8 exercise

This is another popular eyes workout that can help to make your eyes stronger and can also enhance their flexibility. Here is how you can perform this.

  • Look at least 10 feet away from your eyes and imagine a huge figure of 8 and turn it on its side.
  • Then, use your eyes to slowly trace this giant 8 figure.
  • Then, trace it in a reverse manner for almost two minutes

3- Palming

As the name indicates, palming is the other type of physical activity for eyes where your palms are placed over your eyes that help to relieve the eye strain. It can also help your eyes to get rid of the stress. So, whenever you feel that your eyes need to relax you can be so palming when you are taking a break from the constant exposure to mobile screens and television devices.

4- Changing focus

Another effective exercise that can help your eyes to perform better is the changing focus on your eyes from a near object to the far ones. To practice this, you need to place your thumb nearly 10 inches away in front of your eyes and focus on it for three to five seconds. 

After that, immediately shift your focus to a distant object that is at least 15-20 away and focus it while breathing deeply. Then, switch your vision between far and distant objects for nearly two minutes. This exercise can surely help to improve your eye’s focus and keep them working for longer periods.

5- 20-20-20 rule

More of an eye health rule but surely a great exercise to keep your eyes healthy. Eye workout is used to prevent digital eye strain after continuous screen exposure. After every 20 minutes of screen use, you watch 20 feet away for the next 20 seconds. Doing this throughout the day can prevent digital eye strain and can ensure proper vision despite the regular use of devices. 

Bottom Line!

Your eyes are probably among the most important organs of your body. Thus, ensuring good eye health is important for you. Many factors such as aging tend to affect your eyes. However, you can prevent this damage by following good eye care practices including your diet, regular physical and eye exercises alongside regular physical exams for your eyes. 

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