How to prepare for changing consumer habits post-Covid

In any industry, staying ahead of consumer trends is the best way to boost client experience, and keep shopper perception positive. However, with Covid-19 impacting the way we work, rest, and play — you may be wondering how this will affect consumer needs, and how your company can be prepared.

Below, we’ll cover 5 main ways that Covid-19 impacts consumer habits, and how you can make sure you’re standing out to this new style of shopper:

Preparing for a post-Covid consumer base

Understand how your consumers feel

In such an uncertain time, demonstrating to customers that you understand their needs is sure to help you stand out.

Most consumers have reacted to the Covid-19 pandemic in one of three ways — by entirely cutting down on spending, by only collecting essential products, or by continuing to shop as normal.

If you identify which of these approaches is most common in your consumer base you’ll be able to factor it into your post-Covid strategy and demonstrate to clients that you share their mindset. 

Consider ethical business models

Due to a shift towards home working and learning, many consumers are interested in supporting local businesses, and purchasing from companies with ethical business models. Not only this, but many consumers now prefer companies who emphasize supporting communities in need — especially those impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, now is the perfect time to audit supply chains, and commit to ethical or environmentally conscious policies. Not only will this benefit your internal processes, but it will keep brand perception positive, and attract new customers who are searching for ethical companies to support, too.

You might also want to consider updating your product selection and putting an emphasis on locally or sustainably sourced items.

Focus on the digital

The Covid-19 pandemic has moved our work and playtime online — and these digital habits are here to stay.

As we now spend much more time at home, there’s a far lower need for traditional storefronts, and many consumers now shop online and via apps. Therefore, it’s crucial to make sure that your company has a cohesive and accessible online presence, in order to attract and keep customers. 

Many consumers expect e-commerce sites to be quick and easy to use, so doing some site maintenance will have a huge benefit post-Covid. Keep in mind that many customers now discover brands via social media, and often engage with companies through various channels. Something as simple as maintaining active social media accounts will not only boost brand awareness but demonstrate that you’re catering to customer needs. 

It’s also useful to evaluate which of your products or services can become digital. This is of course useful during Covid-19 restrictions, but will also be beneficial post-Covid when many consumers will still be searching for services they can enjoy from home.

Highlight health

Understandably, health and hygiene are now at the forefront of consumer consciousness, with many customers expecting that their favorite brands act on these trends. Therefore, you may want to promote a company-wide focus on health and show how you’re incorporating it into all aspects of the customer experience.

For example, use images of sanitized storefronts with socially distanced layouts in your marketing campaigns, and emphasize secure delivery on all e-commerce sites. 

In the long term, you may want to develop hygienic packaging and product displays, which will boost customer assurance when shopping with you.

Invest in customer connection

With the rise in rapid digital communication, customers will expect e-commerce services to be similarly quick and effective. Consequently, you should audit your customer service facilities, and make sure that all clients receive rapid assistance, no matter if they’re contacting you via your website, social media accounts, or email. 

It’s also a good time to collect and implement customer feedback, which will highlight your dedication to consumers. Strengthening your logistics can also improve customer connection, as ensuring all products reach shoppers promptly will promote buyer satisfaction, and increase the chance of repeat purchases.

You may also want to incorporate ethical policies into your customer connection practices. For example, community outreach is a great way to connect with consumers and will reflect their growing interest in shopping locally and sustainably.

Are you ready for post-Covid consumer habits?

It’s important to remember that the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have been extensive — and that not every consumer will have reacted in the same way. For this reason, the way you prepare your company to respond to post-Covid consumer trends may differ from other businesses, as you tailor your approach to suit your unique client base.

Ultimately, by showing your consumer base that you understand their shopping needs and respect their growing desire for accessible, health-conscious, and ethical commerce, you’ll not only boost trust in your brand but ensure you stay ahead of post-Covid consumer habits.

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