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5 Surprising Invisalign Benefits Over Braces

Which is right for you– invisalign or braces? Here are 5 surprising invisalign benefits over braces to help you make your decision.

With so many dental procedures available to straighten your teeth, you might need a little help. If this is your first time, consider the many benefits of the Invisalign procedure!

No matter what they say, when it comes to working, physical appearance is of utmost importance. You need to invest in your personal look to get the respect that you deserve.

While improving your appearance, it also goes hand in hand in taking care of your oral health! You could say it’s a win-win situation where no one loses. In that case, consider the Invisalign vs braces debate when straightening your teeth. To learn more about all-on-4 please visit The Point Dental.

We have a list of 5 Invisalign benefits over braces you need to know before going to your dentist below:

1. Fewer Visits to Your Dentist

Visiting your dentist for the consultation is less of a hassle with this procedure. Dental visits will vary on the type of orthodontic treatment you want to avail and the dentist itself. It depends on how much they want to check on your progress adapting to the procedure.

Braces need you to go to the orthodontist for the initial visit, regular checkups, braces changes, and the final checkup. It’s usually for more complicated procedures so they may request you to come back every month at least.

With Invisalign braces, you only have to be there for a few trips to the dentist. The first visit, the custom-fitting of your aligning trays, a few checkups, and a final consultation is all you need.

Adjustments do happen but they’re not as common and need maintenances as metal braces do. You don’t have to take some time off work for it.

2. You Can Eat Without Any Restrictions

One of the agonizing things about metal braces is having to adjust your eating habits. The dentist will most likely limit what you can eat for the duration of the treatment. They give you an extensive list of several foods to skip while wearing braces.

Yes, they may be there for a reason but it could get frustrating at times, especially if you love food!

There are even ones that are uncomfortable and difficult to chew with braces. You have to eat slowly while enduring the unavoidable mild soreness on your teeth. Many people have reported losing weight because of food restriction and discomfort.

With the Invisalign benefits of removable aligning trays, you can indulge as often as you want.

There’s no need to worry about missing out on eating your favorite delicacies for a long time. It doesn’t matter whether you are having dinner at home or in a restaurant with your co-workers or family.

Take the Invisalign braces out of your teeth, put it in its respective container, and dig in!

3. It Looks More Subtle Than the Alternative

If you don’t want people to notice the braces in your teeth, you should consider Invisalign.

Aside from lesser restrictions on food, they are more discreet than you might think. They are much harder to spot than metal braces, especially if you don’t tell people beforehand. They are also less bulky and are small enough to prevent altering the shape of your mouth.

Aligning trays use a transparent and flexible plastic material called SmartTrack. The US FDA has cleared Invisalign aligning trays for dental use. That clearance guarantees confirmed safety for dental treatments.

You will look normal as usual thanks to its clear appearance. This is a great alternative if you are not into metal braces with rubber bands to fix your teeth.

4. Less Likely to Get Injuries

There are a lot of health complications that could happen while wearing braces. It has metal wires, brackets, and spring coils installed which touch inside of your mouth. Stray, protruding metal parts may result in blisters and cuts in your inner cheeks, gums, and lips.

This will depend on the competency of your orthodontist but the possibility is there.

There are many instances where people don’t notice the metal poking the inside of their mouths. They only realize after getting home, meaning they have to go back to the dentist and fix it.

According to most Invisalign reviews, the possibilities of injuries are almost next to none. Unlike metal braces, they are removable by the wearer. Whenever it gets uncomfortable, you can slide it out immediately.

The lowest duration of wearing aligning trays are 20 to 22 hours a day. You are free to take it out for the remaining 2-4 hours. Another unexpected benefit is that you can take breaks wearing Invisalign braces if you want.

5. Easier to Maintain Oral Health

It is crucial to take care of your teeth by brushing, flossing, and cleaning it daily. On top of straightening your teeth, your dentist will tell you to keep your oral health in top condition.

With the metal parts on normal braces, this makes it hard for you to remove all the food debris by brushing. There is also a possibility that the metal braces will develop stains after eating.

You have to be careful with a lot of things not to damage the braces.

The Invisalign procedure lets you carry on with your daily dental hygiene routine. You can floss and brush your teeth after every mealtime. You only need to clean up your aligners 2- 3 times daily to keep the stains out.

Which Is the Right Treatment for You?

If you need a more complex procedure, you want to start looking elsewhere.

One of the best braces benefits is that they are perfect for correcting alignment issues. It is also expected to work faster than Invisalign in that aspect. But the benefits and flexibility it offers are also something to keep in mind when meeting with the dentist.

If you are still wondering about Invisalign vs braces, you can check out this article. It discusses the pros and cons of both treatments.

5 Amazing Invisalign Benefits for Your Teeth

Now you know the 5 surprising Invisalign benefits over braces! Keep in mind that the answer is on a case to case basis. Always consult with your dentist before signing up for one over the other.

But wait, there is still so much to learn! We implore you to read more of our articles today for more guides on oral health!

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