Mark Hauser of Hauser Private Equity Highlights Major Returns on Dominion and CAVA Investments

Hauser Private Equity is a private equity firm that looks to fund businesses that are looking to innovate within their sphere. Having spent more than 35 years in the industry, Mark Hauser has made a name for himself thanks to his savvy work and ability to connect with clients to accomplish their goals.

Mark Hauser recently had two major financial stories dominating the headlines as they connected directly to his work at Hauser Private Equity.

Cava Announces IPO

The first story pertaining to Mark Hauser was the announcement that the fast-casual Mediterranean dining spot known as Cava would be introducing its initial public offering. Cava’s decision to introduce its public offering was a significant one for the company, having garnered equity funds from firms including Hauser Private Equity.

The company has been recovering since the COVID-19 pandemic, overcoming many major hurdles along the way. Hauser Private Equity expects the IPO to give Cava the finances necessary to invest in operations while further expanding its footprint.

HPE’s underlying investment in Cava speaks to Mr. Hauser’s eye for potential in businesses that are looking to change the way their industries operate. Mark Hauser underscored a few reasons why Cava made such a big and positive decision by pointing to their great food, strong brand identity, and unique concepts. Cava’s additional focus on integrating technology has helped them stay competitive.

Dominion Voting Systems and Hauser Private Equity

In 2018, Staple Street Capital Group purchased 76% of the stock in Dominion Voting Systems, fueled by funding offered by Hauser Private Equity, among others. At the time of the purchase, Dominion was worth roughly $80 million.

After the 2020 election, Fox News Corporation played a pivotal role in spreading defamatory messages about Dominion voting machines. As a result, Dominion would sue for damages to the tune of $1.6 billion. The lawsuit would be settled for roughly half of that amount, leading to a settlement between Fox Corporation and Dominion for $787 million.

As an initial investor in Staple Street, Hauser Private Equity saw major financial returns due to the multi-million dollar settlement. Staple Street also received a statement from Fox News acknowledging the court’s ruling that the channel had broadcast many false claims about Dominion machines causing voting fraud during the 2020 elections.

Mark Hauser weighed in on the settlement by stating, “We are very pleased with the outcome and think that Staple Street has handled the situation very well on behalf of their investors.”

Hauser went on to applaud Staple Street for how they tackled the job as well as the work done by the leaders of their management team. Hauser also touted the firm’s mutually beneficial partnerships and its commitment to honesty and transparency.

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