Nagatoro Manga 107 Release Date Revealed, New Chapter, And Many Details

It’s been a while since we last heard anything about Nagatoro Manga 107, but today we have some exciting news to share! The release date for the new chapter has been revealed, and as you might have guessed, it falls on February 3rd! In addition to the release date, we’ve also got some new details about the chapter that has us curious as to what will happen next. So be sure to check out the article to find out all the juicy details!

Nagatoro Manga 107 Release Date and Chapter Details

Nagatoro Manga, the manga adaptation of the hit horror game Nagatoro, has finally been released and it is definitely not for the faint of heart. The manga follows the story of a high school girl who moves to a new town and discovers that the town is haunted by spirits. She soon finds out that the spirits are being controlled by a demonic woman named Nagatoro.

The release date for Nagatoro Manga is August 2nd and it will be released in five separate parts. The first part will release on July 27th and it will contain chapters 1-5. The second part will release on August 16th and it will contain chapters 6-10. The third part will release on September 13th and it will contain chapters 11-15. The fourth part will release on October 11th and it will contain chapters 16-19. The fifth and final part will release on November 8th and it will contain chapter 20.

There have been many details released about Nagatoro Manga recently, including the fact that there is a new chapter every week. Additionally, there are bonus chapters included at the end of each part that show additional scenes from the game. Nagatoro Manga is definitely something that

Nagatoro Manga Pre-Order Campaign

Nagatoro Manga will be released in English this May and to celebrate, the publisher is holding a pre-order campaign. The campaign offers different bonuses depending on how soon you pre-order the manga.

The first chapter of Nagatoro Manga will be released as a free download on Sunday, April 15th. In addition, the publisher is giving away several copies of the manga to people who pre-order it. They are also releasing a new chapter every week starting on Sunday, April 22nd.

As part of the campaign, the publisher is also hosting a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) Q&A session on Saturday, April 21st at 1 pm EST. They are also releasing character designs for Nagatoro Manga’s cast members.

Details about Nagatoro Manga can be found at http://nagatoromanga.com/. The pre-order campaign for Nagatoro Manga starts on Sunday, April 15th, and ends on Friday, April 20th. The Reddit AMA Q&A session starts at 1 pm EST on Saturday, April 21st.

Nagatoro Manga Screenshots

Nagatoro Manga, the manga adaptation of the popular horror game, Nagatoro, has revealed its release date and a new chapter. The manga will be released in Japan on December 10th.

In addition to the release date and new chapter, Nagatoro Manga has also released a set of screenshots from the upcoming manga. The screenshots show off the gruesome scenes that will be featured in the manga. Fans of horror games will definitely enjoy this manga adaptation.

Nagatoro Manga Soundtrack

Nagatoro Manga has been announced for release on July 12th, and the soundtrack will be released at the same time!

The manga is written and illustrated by Jun Maeda, who is well-known for creating the anime series Nagatoro: The Final Act. The manga is set in a small town in Japan after a large earthquake hits. The town is beset by darkness and fear, and the residents must work together to overcome their difficulties.

The Nagatoro Manga will be released in three volumes, with each volume containing 16 chapters. The first volume will have 8 chapters, the second volume will have 12 chapters, and the third volume will have 16 chapters. There are also bonus chapters that will be included in the limited edition of the manga.

The Nagatoro Manga soundtrack will include 17 tracks including an original score by Jun Maeda and vocals by Yuka Iguchi (Fate/Apocrypha). The tracks will be available as a digital download on July 12th, and a physical CD release will follow later in the year.

There are many details about Nagatoro Manga that have been revealed so far, and we can’t wait to read them!


Nagatoro Manga 107 has finally been released and it’s definitely not short on the excitement! The new chapter features a lot of great details, including the official release date for Nagatoro: A Girl Who Chases Demons. If you’re curious about what happens next in this dark horror manga, be sure to check it out now!

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