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Best Stretches for Lower Back Pain in Various Forms in 2022

Are you facing lower back pain due to any reason and want to get relief from pain, you need to know the best stretches for lower back pain.

Back pain is one of the most common medical issues in adults and mostly in job workers. People who had a job like heavy weight lifting or something like thin, have a higher chance of getting lower back pain than other people.

Lower Back Pain:

Around 80% of people face lower back pain at least once in their life. Lower back pain can also be caused by lifting heavy objects without practice or sudden pressure and stretches.

The lower back pain may be caused by some type of injury, heavy weight-lifting, or sudden stretches of muscles. Infection in the spinal cord, or arthritis. 

Here we will tell you the best stretches for lower back pain but looking at the reasons behind lower back pain may help you to reduce the risk of lower back pain.

By taking care of these situations, you may have little or a great control of lower back pain. Here are the best stretches for lower back pain in various forms that might help you relieve pain.

Best Stretches for lower back pain:

Here are some best stretches which are proven to lower back pain.

Seated Spinal:

This stretch is one of the most effective and easiest stretches. What you have to do is very simple. Seat on a plain floor. Cross one leg in such a shape that your crossed feet will be near your second leg’s knee. Keep your knee up.

Now start twisting your body on each side.  First, give move your body toward the right side giving a flexible stretch. Move as much as you can but avoid stretching which can cause spinal problems. Repeated the steps sometimes and release your twist.

Knee to Chest Stretch:

Lie straight on a floor on your back. Bent your knees in such a direction so your feet will come close to your hip and your knees will come out. Now, slightly pull your knees towards your chest and then release back till your feet touch the floor.

Again, pull your knees towards your chest and release your knees. Do this procedure daily for some minutes to get relief of lower back pain. Knee to chest stretch is one of the most effective stretches for lower back pain.

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How to relieve lower back pain fast?

If exercise is a challenging task for you then you can take some other safety measures for getting relief from lower back pain. For example, get better sleep. Taking rest will also reduce back pain in your body. Avoid lifting heavyweight. Well, if it is your job to lift the heavyweight then try hot and cold like ice and heat.

Provide both heat and ice to your skin but avoid this technique if you are using relief creams.

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Sitting stretches for lower back pain:

Sitting stretches are also very effective even sometimes more effective than lying stretches. Interesting thing is that you can do these sitting stretches even during working at your desk or in your office. There are many types of sitting stretches for lower back pain but below are the most effective stretches:

  • Seated Twist
  • Forward Fold
  • Seated Hip Stretch
  • Small Spinal Roll
  • Seated Hamstring Stretch

These sitting stretches for lower back pain can be done easily anywhere when sitting. Hope you have understood these techniques and will start working on them soon. These exercises will help you to reduce back pain and feel relaxed.

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