A Simple Career Guide on How to Become a C# Developer in 2021

Looking for a job that pays well and offers excellent careers prospects? If you’re tech-savvy, you may take the steps needed to become a C# developer. In this role, you would earn around $77,200 per year, but it’s possible to make over $146,000.

C# (pronounced C Sharp) is a modern programming language used to create desktop and mobile apps, enterprise software, and websites. It also has a wide range of applications in the gaming industry.

This programming language was originally designed as an alternative to Java. Its popularity has surged over the past two decades. Paint.NET, OpenRA, Microsoft Visual Studio, KeePass, and Windows Installer XML all use C#.

So, what does it take to become a C# developer? And why should you pursue this career path? Let’s find out!

Learn HTML and Java Programming

First, you need to have a thorough understanding of basic programming languages, such as HTML and SQL. This will help you build a strong foundation and make it easier to get started with C# web development.

As mentioned earlier, C# was designed as an alternative to Java. Therefore, the two programming languages share some similarities. On top of that, they require a fairly low learning curve for beginners.

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Complete Specialized Training

While it’s possible to learn C# on your own, most employers prefer to hire developers with specialized training.

Codecademy, Pluralsight, Global Knowledge, and other organizations all offer C# developer courses. Most training programs can be completed online, which allows you to study at your own pace.

Depending on the program, students can learn how to implement OCR in C#, how to use data types and variables, how to automate repetitive tasks, and more. The curriculum may also cover C# extension methods, IDisposable best practices, language-integrated queries, and other related topics.

Ideally, choose a training program that offers some sort of certification. Such courses tend to be more expensive, but they may increase your value in the job market.

Earn a Bachelor’s Degree

Web developers don’t need formal education. However, it’s in your best interest to earn a bachelor’s degree in computer science, programming, or a related field. Job seekers with formal education have a competitive edge and may find it easier to climb the career ladder.

Columbia College Chicago, for example, offers a bachelor’s degree in programming. Students have the opportunity to learn about C# game development, C++ programming, algorithms, data design, and more. They can also compete in events and attend workshops to gain hands-on experience.

Become a C# Developer and Work Your Way Up

Compared to other programming languages, C# is easier to learn and may offer better career prospects. You just need to learn the basics and then focus on improving your skills through practice.

Now that you know what it takes to become a C# developer, it’s time to decide what you want to do next. Determine whether you want to learn on your own, complete training, or go to school

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