5 Signs It’s Time for a New Logo

The oldest company logo registered in the United States and still in use today is John Deere’s iconic jumping buck. The original logo has since been updated many times. If your company needs a change, creating a new logo can help.

Logo design influences customer buying habits and the identity of your company. New logo design ideas can spring from old logo characteristics, but sometimes it is better to start from scratch.

If you notice any of the following 5 signs it may be time to revamp your company logo design. That way your company can stay relevant in the minds of consumers.

1. You Face Trademark Issues

If your logo looks too much like your competition’s, you may be susceptible to a lawsuit. Not only that, even if your logo was around first, customers may confuse you with the competition.

It is much easier to revamp your business logo design than to deal with legal consequences. An updated logo will also set your company apart from the competition in the minds of consumers.

2. Your Business Structure Changes

If you merge with a new partner, sell your company, or expand into a new market sector it may be time for a new logo. Every time you make a significant change in the structure of your operations, a new logo is a wise idea.

3. Your Marketing Strategy Changes

If you have a new major marketing campaign it may be time to create a new custom logo design to go along with it. Sometimes targeting a new demographic requires a new logo as well.

For instance, if you release a new product targeted towards teenagers you should tailor your logo to be appealing to them. This group will have a much different opinion of what a cool logo is then an adult demographic.

4. You Need a New Logo to Stay Relevant

Market and cultural trends are constantly evolving. If your logo starts to seem irrelevant to the social consciousness, you may need to spruce it up. Make sure that your logo fits the trends of the current day and age.

Keeping your logo relevant can mean incorporating current trends into it. It can also be something as simple as reworking graphic design themes and color schemes to match the current social climate.

5. Your Current Logo Is Uninspiring

If you have heard negative feedback about your current logo, or notice customers turning a blind eye to it, you may want to update it. You can use this nifty free logo maker online.

Updating your old logo doesn’t mean doing away with it entirely. There have been many iterations of classic brand logos. Many brands change their logos often, yet keep many of the same underlying characteristics.

Your Logo Embodies Your Company

Your logo is the first thing many customers will notice about your company. If you notice that your current logo isn’t grabbing their attention, it is time to craft a new logo.

Make your logo relevant in the minds of consumers and freshen it up using the tips in this guide. You can find a ton of other interesting information by checking out other fascinating articles on our page.

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