How Much is a Black Diamond Worth?

When referring to the word “diamond”, the image of a sparkling transparent stone comes to your mind immediately. Although this is the first reaction, one might remember that diamonds come in all colours, black included. Its addition to the diamond category requires us to alter our perceptions to include this discovery. Black diamonds serve as an intriguing part of the diamond world and were initially linked to superstition and bad karma.

These natural stones are so bizarre-looking, you would not think they are real. Scientists call them Carbonados due to their biological differences. They are black due to several inclusions of graphite, giving them a black colour. Occurring in Brazil and Central Africa, they are rare finds. They are not as valuable as clear diamonds; they are also more delicate and require extra care.

Many people buy these natural stones just out of curiosity or to add them to their collections. In the past, many celebrities have shone the spotlight on these exceptional stones.  Mostly set aside as loose diamonds, today many jewelers have breached the divide and use them for making exquisite pieces of jewelry. You might be thinking about what this delicate stone might cost. If you are an avid diamond enthusiast, you will know the price tag depends upon four main parameters: Carat, Colour, Cut, and Clarity.

  1. Carat
1 diamond

According to the diamond analysis and certification chart, formulated by the GIA (Gemological Institute of America), the individual weight of each stone is measured and defined in carats, not grams. Black diamonds are comparatively denser than their counterparts. Comparing a clear diamond and a black diamond of the same carat value, you will notice the black stone is smaller in size.

This nominal size difference is not a significant cause of concern, just owning a black diamond beads is considered a blessing and many people look to own one of this basis. Trying to procure one may be an issue in countries where there are shortages of the stones. Deficiencies of this gem may even lead to higher buying prices.

  • Colour
2 diamond

Black diamonds cannot be colour graded like other precious stones because it exists in a single colour variant; black. People that have an affection for this shade will be pleased to own natural black rocks.

Unlike all other diamond stones, these black beauties do not reflect light making that resilient sparkle an absent feature. That does not prove to be a major negative as people still find themselves interested in these objects. It is a case of what you see is what you get.

  • Cut

Natural black diamonds are much harder to cut than the regular plain or coloured diamonds. Lack of shape options is due to this drawback, and you only have the choice of a few cuts and designs. Finding a well-cut stone is difficult and requires fast action to make a good investment. If you are interested in owning one of these rarities, do not let this fact hold you from a destined purchase. Simple cuts are a common sight as the more delicate shapes may result in damages to the stone.

  • Clarity

Black diamonds are exempt from this parameter as they do not reflect light. Lack of clarity and transparency is due to several inclusions of other minerals like graphite which block the light reflecting capabilities. Luckily, through some treatment and polishing, the stone will once again shine with a glossy outer appearance. Other diamonds have built-in shining capabilities that are one of its well-known characteristics (that are taken for granted). It is just one of those compromises that must be accepted!

Are they real diamonds?

This question is asked many times and needs answers. Just to clear the air, black diamonds are, in fact, a valuable way to invest your money. Even if you do not have enough money for the real deal or other coloured stones, you can settle halfway and buy this kind of diamond.

Many celebrities in the past have flaunted their black jewellery in the past, but the trend is really picking up now. The majority of black diamonds on the market are actually “treated black diamonds” these stones are incorrectly termed as “fake diamonds”. They are real diamonds because the initial stone that is used for colouring is a natural diamond. Go ahead and buy them with confidence, knowing that they are genuine and legitimate.

Diamond Finish

Sometimes certain diamantaires choose to add a special glow around their natural diamonds, this, of course, adds an appealing layer around them. This gives a glossy texture due to treatment but does not damage them as such.

  • In terms of available options, the market offers two variants of black diamonds. Natural black diamonds have been formed in the Earth’s crust by naturally occurring procedures. They are porous and exhibit that unique glowing black shade. We cannot stress how rare these stones are, and they only account for a tiny fraction of black diamonds available on the global market.
  • On the other hand, the majority share of these gems present in the market are Treated black diamonds which get their black colouring by a modern devised human-made procedure. With a combination of heat and pressure, a transparent diamond will become opaque and black. These modified objects lose a large amount of their porosity.



There is a tremendous difference that is paid for natural black diamonds and treated black diamonds. We will also compare these to the more famous clear white diamonds. To give you a concise idea of what to expect if you are searching for such items, you can refer to this price list.

  • Natural black diamonds: 1 carat generally sells for $3000.
  • Treated black diamonds: 1 carat sells for $300. This price is much lower than the natural alternatives because of the pure value of natural attractiveness.
  • White diamonds: 1 carat has a rate of $5000. We are sure this is because of the sparkle, larger sizes, fancy stone cuts, and its globally recognised fame.

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