The Most Effective Way How to Remove Sink Stopper

We have a lot of experience with home improvement projects. Let’s just say that some are more straightforward than others. Removing your bathroom sink stopper is one of the most difficult tasks you’ll ever face in your home. Your sink stopper may simply be lifted out if you’re lucky. This is not the case for many others. This is the most efficient method for removing a sink stopper.

The Types of Sink Stoppers

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If you’re a homeowner who is fortunate enough to have a sink stopper that can be removed quickly, consider yourself fortunate. Getting the stopper out and cleaning the drain takes a little more effort for the rest of us. In the usual bathroom basin, there are three varieties of sink stoppers.

How to Remove Sink Stopper in three-step

1. Pop-Up

This is the type of sink stopper that most people have in their houses. A lift handle, which is normally situated near the handles and faucet, is used to operate a pop-up stopper. The stopper is pushed up and down by this small lift handle.

2. Lift-And-Turn

This kind of stopper is simple to spot and remove. The knob in the center of the stopper is what distinguishes them. To remove this knob, simply spin it and pull it out.

3. Push-And-Pull 

A push-and-pull stopper resembles a pop-up stopper in appearance, but they are not the same. A push-and-pull stopper should be yanked from the drain.

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4. How to Remove Sink Stopper

It’s time to remove the sink stopper now that you’ve removed the clevis strap, spring clip, and pivot rod. Make sure to clean both the stopper and the drain when you remove it from the drain. We’ll show you how to clean both components using our favorite methods.

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