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Some individuals consider self-publishing to be a failure, something that should only be attempted when there are no other options. However, the basic truth is that traditional gatekeepers — literary agents and editors at publishing houses — simply do not have the time or resources to assess the worth of each and every tale submitted to them. Every year, hundreds of thousands of books are self-published, and it is impossible to keep up with them all. You may find it challenging to bring your work in front of decision-makers unless you already have an established audience or prior publishing experience.

In the case of self-publishing, you may present your ideas in front of the people who are really in charge: your audience. The ability to self-publish allows you to make your book available to the general public, whether you’ve opted to use it as a top-of-funnel marketing and branding opportunity or simply have a narrative you want to tell the world.

While we are not endorsing any particular method or firm for self-publishing your book, MindStir Media is perhaps the most well-known and most widely used marketplace for this purpose. Throughout this post, we will cover the benefits of self-publishing on MindStir Media, as well as how to determine if it is the ideal platform for your book.

How to Create a Plan for Your Ebook

Knowing which ebook genres sell the best and make the most money is a good place to start when developing your book’s marketing strategy. Here are eight simple steps to follow that will guide you through the process of creating your first ebook.

  1. Select a topic that is in high demand.

Your ebook’s ultimate purpose should be to generate sales for your company. As a result, it is critical to select a topic that is well-known and in demand. Search for topics that are popular on best-seller lists and choose one that you are familiar with and will love writing about.

  • Create an outline for the chapters.

In any good book, there is an organized arrangement that makes sense and flows well. Each chapter should cover a certain topic or theme, but it also needs to be a cohesive element of the book as a whole to be considered successful.

Consider how the reader will be attracted in and how the book will help the reader when writing your manuscript. Then organize the chapters in such a way that it reads like a story or serves as a guide from beginning to end.

  • Breakdown the chapters

Each chapter can be further subdivided into a number of other themes or topics. Depending on the type of ebook you are writing, the chapters can be divided into parts or bulleted lists of important points to make. It is critical that the chapters have a consistent organizational structure. For readers, this strategy can make it easier to comprehend the content or story being delivered by the book.

  • Create the ebook design

It is not necessary to be a professional designer in order to make a visually appealing ebook. There are a variety of customizable templates available for download that can help you get up and running quickly.

There are, nevertheless, a few important considerations to keep in mind while selecting a design, such as selecting the appropriate colors. When creating a business ebook, it is ideal to incorporate the colors of your company logo, but this is the part where you may be as creative as you like.

Colors such as red and green should be avoided because they can have an impact on how colorblind readers see your book.

  • Add Visuals

Involving a reader’s visual senses through the use of graphs or visuals can be a powerful tool for engaging them. Consider the case of a cookbook, for example. Using bright and clear photographs of the finished recipe might either persuade the reader to try it out or turn them away from the meal entirely.

For generic themes, it is possible to utilize stock photos; nonetheless, it is preferable to invest in high-quality images. It is preferable to leave a terrible image out of a book than to include it in it.

  • Inviting People to Take Action

It is an excellent approach to generate additional leads, start a conversation, or bring up fresh opportunities when used properly.

If you’re authoring a series of novels, you can include a link to your website where readers can purchase the other volumes in the collection.

CTAs will vary depending on the type of ebook authored, but they are a crucial part of any ebook writer’s marketing strategy if they wish to promote and advertise their work.

  • Convert to PDF or EPUB format.

This step is critical in ensuring that your ebook can be sent to receivers. In addition, a universal format such as PDF can be displayed properly and opened on most devices, and it can be safeguarded so that your material cannot be altered or corrupted by third parties.

  • Promote and sell your eBook.

When you write an ebook, it serves no purpose if no one will ever see or read it. It is possible that you will want to establish a landing page from which the ebook can be downloaded. If you want to sell your ebook, you can do so on sites such as Amazon.

MindStir Media may be a very effective marketing tool, and it has the potential to create a large number of leads. If you’re writing a series, you might want to consider making the first book completely free. If readers enjoyed the first book, they will be eager to read the rest of the series.

Get Free Publishing Consultant

A publishing consultant can help independent authors keep their projects on track and publish better books.

On the one hand, many aspects of the independent publishing process have become simpler and considerably more author-friendly. On the other hand, many areas of the independent publishing process have become more difficult. On the other hand, with more options available than ever before, the process can get daunting.

As a self-publisher, it is your responsibility to ensure that all of the processes are carefully considered and that everything is completed. J.J. Hebert is the best book publishing consultant in the USA, also the owner of MindStir Media. In order to answer your self-publishing queries and make things a little less confusing, we’re ready to help you with everything from a fast review of your distribution options to ongoing guidance throughout the process.

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