2 Reasons To Blog Anonymously

Thanks to a massive advancement in technology and the internet, people can easily vocalize their opinion on the digital platform. However, there is no denying the risk that is involved when you start speaking vociferously.

Keeping your identity anonymous online can be of great help if you have plans to discuss something that has the public’s interest. Here are a few strong reasons to keep your identity discreet:

1. Protect Yourself From Online Trolling

Trolling is the modern terminology for being hounded by the public. It can have a severe impact on an individual’s mental health and, in some cases, has even results in people committing suicide. However, the moment you decide to hide from the public eye, it will be easier for you to ignore the critics.

You will be shocked to know, several campaigns have been initiated by a lot of IT professionals to make people aware of this modern issue. Not to forget, trolling can be very toxic for your mental health, so you better protect yourself.

2. Continue to Raise Your Opinion

The most obvious disadvantage of being in the public eye and putting a critique on a social issue is, a segment of people start lodging hate campaigns against you. This means, your social media platform might be at the receiving end of the damage if several complaints are filed against your blog.

However, once you continue to blog anonymously from different platforms, nobody will be able to trace you. This is the main reason, a lot of people who continue to raise voice against social evils through different platforms have not been identified.

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