Skinny Shorts- The Most Comfortable Activewear

Most people look for comfort and flexibility in clothing. Skinny-fit pants or shorts are perfect for both. They are slim stretchable pants or shorts that stick to a person’s body. What makes them so comfortable is the ability to stay in place once worn. Tights are usually high-waisted and come in different sizes, shapes, and lengths.

The Uniqueness of skinny wear

Tights are not the same as leggings; they are very narrow and stick to the legs. This might not be in the case of leggings. This term is not just associated with women. They come in various varieties and types of men and kids as well. They are widely used for fashion and comfort uses. Many influencers, models, and celebrities wear them during award shows, at the gym, and even in cafes. There is no one single place where one can wear tights too. However, their material, color, and length determine the occasion for which one can wear them. These are not just restricted to skinny models and people. They come in large and plus sizes to promote equality and motivate them to work out or engage in physical activity.

Types of tights

i) Shorts- These are the most common types found everywhere. Most women prefer buying skinny shorts as they are extremely durable and have multiple uses. They are worn inside gym shorts and swimwear for extra protection and comfort. These are available in different lengths, sizes, and materials. Shorts can be as mini as full underwear or extend up to the knee. It depends on the needs of a person and the intended purposes. These skinny shorts can be folded accordingly. They are quite stretchable and generally come in one size.

ii) Jeggings- These are high-waisted full-length or half-length pants. These are the very definition of activewear. They are mostly made of nylon mixed with cotton and provide ultimate comfort. They stick to a person’s legs and do not tear or damage while stretching. They provide flexibility to the legs and allow the person to concentrate on tasks without worrying about what they wear. These pants do not contain any zip or strings to tighten them as they are quite stretchable without them.

Where can one wear them?

i) Gym- It is the best-suited place to wear them as gymming and working out requires the freedom to stretch and be flexible. They provide ultimate comfort to the person wearing them without the fear of falling out of place. These are better than leggings as they are high-waisted, allowing one to stretch and exercise freely. The leggings are loose, so they might slip while working out. The concept of tights eliminates such a barrier and allows the person to concentrate on gymming.

ii) Jogging or walking- Many people are seen wearing them while they go for a jog. People prefer them while jogging because high-intensity cardio makes the person sweat a lot. The material that these skinny pants are made of is sweat absorbent. Hence, they do not cause rashes, itchiness, or discomfort while jogging. They are also worn during walking and other low-intensity activities like yoga and meditation as they are the simplest form of activewear.

iii) Under mini skirts and dresses- Adding an extra layer of cloth to a mini skirt provides warmth to the legs and protection. It allows the person to walk and move around freely without any insecurity. Many ballet dancers, actresses, and models wear mini skin-tight shorts. The length of the short would depend on the needs of a person. For instance, a person wearing a mini skirt would wear tiny skinny shorts, while a person performing ballet is typically seen wearing long skinny leggings.

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