Carports In Melbourne: Just A Stylish Addition?

For a lot of Melbourne residents, a striking new carport is almost like a dream come true. But is it because of the mere aesthetics? Of course, carports in Melbourne could be just the facelift your property needs, but that is certainly not why the Aussies crave it.

This article will discover the many reasons (sans the aesthetic appeal) that make carports a must for Melbourne residents.

1.  Much-Needed Protection

Though carports are not similar to an enclosed garage, their roof and walls offer protection against the elements. Not only that, but since Melbourne is a beach city, its salt content is high.

All that is needed is some rain or wind, and the high salt content gets swept by the rain, mixes with the air and threatens to damage your vehicle’s paintwork. A carport can prevent fading, interior damage, hail damage, etc.

2.  Indulgence in Other Pleasures

Carports in Melbourne can be built in a variety of sizes. You can select an extra-large size if you want extra space to store other items like a boat, lawn mower, bicycle, etc.

Besides storage, the additional space can be used to relax in the shade during summer. So, you can quickly think beyond your primary vehicle!

3.  Better Convenience

Though carports can be customized to be enclosed, they are usually not common. With open sides, they offer greater flexibility of movement. Carrying groceries in and out of the vehicle becomes easier.

The convenience factor also extends to carports preventing your vehicle’s leather seats from becoming too hot during the warmer months. So, no more worrying about burning skin!

4.  Utility Benefits

Another major benefit of carports is that they are much more energy-efficient than garages. This stems from the fact that, unlike a garage, carports require no expenses in terms of bright lights, electric gate openers, etc.

Naturally, you will be able to reduce the utility costs of your property.

5.  Integral Drainage System

This is a customizable feature; nonetheless, beneficial. You can have your carport installed with a built-in drainage system. There are two main benefits to this – first, damage risk to the external gutter system reduces, and you also improve the aesthetic allure of your home.

6.  Cost-Effective

Now, this is in comparison to a garage. Installing a carport is comparatively more budget-friendly. Usually, a carport, an open structure, is made of wood, whereas a garage requires bricks. Not to mention the additional labor costs involved.

As mentioned before, a garage also comes with utility bills. The same is not true of carports. Even maintaining them is relatively easy.

7.  They Add Value to Your Home

Not only is a carport valuable to you in the present, but it can be as attractive to a potential home-buyer in the future. If you ever plan on selling your property, a carport can increase its resale value and may even help you sell the home faster.

Most homeowners see a car shed as a requisite or at least a plus. In any case, you win!

Parting Thoughts

So you see, a carport is a perfect resolution from both aesthetic and practical viewpoints. Do you wish to invest in carports in Melbourne? Then, compare manufacturers and their practices, and choose a reliable one.

A good carport is made of top-quality materials, is strong, durable, and adds an aesthetic touch to your home.

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