How To Market A Transportation Company In Today’s World?

Has trucking become a thing of the past? How can a trucking business stand out in today’s world, with everything digital and marketing has become so advanced, what options are left for a small logistic business? Well there is hope, big tech companies like uber took on the transportation business making them the middle man for freights, they came out with uber freight an application to book loads back and forth, so does a small company still need to spend thousands a year to acquire customers or should they just work with bigger tech companies?  I was online when I found some sites that list transportation businesses for sale, and some were very affordable and others I could not find one for sale…that worried me.

Here are the pros and cons of working with a tech firm to book loads


  • (Save time ) By using an application like uber freight this allows you to just focus on looking back and forth, the time spent on finding loads you can then use that to actually take loads
  • ( Save advertisement money) No more spending money on brokers and ads, this money can become extra profit for you 
  • (Expansion) By being able to access more loads you can expand quicker, by purchasing more fleets and hiring more drivers, this is a great win for you.


  • ( goodbye brand) You will lose focus on the brand you worked hard on, your brand will become a thing of the past as all loads are directly from uber freight 
  • ( building a next company) Small trucking companies shift into the big tech hands, even tho you are making some money, the big fish who is winning in the end, as they are getting a billion dollar valuation you are just making a profit from the actual work you put in.
  • ( Commissions) for every load, you book you have to pay a cut to the guy in the office, as it may seem a little, imagine 1000 trucking companies paying that same cut a day.
  • ( business valuation) your business may not be as much as you think it would be if you are solely relying on applications to get you loads, it is different when you have contracts in hand.


It all comes down to how big of a business you want to become, if you are looking to make some money, then nothing is wrong with working with applications like uber freight, they are great for getting you loads on your time, any time… but if you a brand leader and looking to become recognized by the big guys then going out and getting your contracts is the way to go! 

But who says you can’t do both? You can build a brand while taking advantage of these applications, make money grow your brand, and be happy is the smart entrepreneur way!

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