The Epoxy Resin Tutorial, You Need to Glue Creativity To Your Furniture

Whether you want to add a beautiful mystical touch or re-use your weathered piece of furniture, being artistic with resins is a fantastic choice.

If you were looking for a tutorial on how to go ahead with preparing your wood and epoxy resin, your wait is over. With this step-by-step guide, you can achieve an aesthetic piece of epoxy-cast tabletop pieces without any hassles.

Ingredients and Tools you need.

Prep yourself beforehand so that you don’t delay crafting the pleasing central table you’ve been postponing for months now. You will require the following items for the unobstructed creative session!

  1. Sandpaper
  2. Orbital Sander
  3. Nitrile Gloves for protection
  4. Respirator masks
  5. Eye protection
  6. Plastic or Wooden Spatulas
  7. Resin and hardener of your choice
  8. Color of your preference
  9. Silicone Molds
  10. Furniture/Wood blocks
  11. Polishing paste

Correct steps to follow with wood casting in epoxy.

You must be on your toes from wood preparation to resin filling and casting while following the procedure. Once dried up, you won’t be able to make any changes, so be a good student and fire up your creativity!

Oh, and don’t forget to wear your protective gear to shield your body and eyes from any accidental or chemical damage.

Step 1: Ready your wood blocks or furniture.

If you don’t want bare spots in your cured resin, you will carefully adhere to this step. Not only the remnants on your wooden surface can make the outcome look shabby, but they also create a barrier for your resin to stick.

You need to clean your tabletop piece with sandpaper and a solvent to remove stray barks and greasiness.

Step 2: Blend the resin.

Whether you purchased an equal portion of resin and hardener or a different variant for blending ratio, you must mix them well beforehand. You’re supposed to develop the epoxy keeping the right proportions in mind and the procedure to do so. Keep in mind the usage of plastic or wooden spatula for combining your components thoroughly.

To put it simply, the way and the duration of epoxy blending will decide your curing process and the final artistic piece’s finesse.

Step 3: Start with casting or filling resin.

Once your epoxy is mixed, it’s time to start with the ‘woodwork.’

To beautify wooden cracks and cavities with epoxy,

  • Ensure that all the holes are clean and don’t have any drainage area to leak the resin.
  • Level the surface and the area beneath the furniture to receive an even epoxy finish.
  • Fill the cavities with a contrasting resin to bring out an attractive look for your furniture.

To cast wood using epoxy,

  • Place the clean wood piece in a silicone mold as per your preferred shape and size.
  • Pour liquid resin carefully while ensuring it’s not too hot for easy epoxy layering.
  • Leave it for a while to cure appropriately before polishing the surface with a fine layering paste.

In a nutshell.

With epoxy resin, you can give an artistic touch to your furniture makeover. Moreover, if you want to curate a fancy table top piece to impress your guests, a resin blend will help you.

And, do you know the best deal about the mixture? You can even layer your pieces of furniture to protect them from the usual wear and tear.

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