3 Most Popular Ethnic Cuisines in Australia

Australia, as a country, is a mix of all ethnicity and culture. Just take a look at its whopping number of immigrants, which was about 30% in 2019, and you will know their importance. Quite naturally, Australia’s culture, cuisine, and cooking have been impacted by the different ethnicities. 

This has even been promoted by popular shows, like MasterChef Australia! The show has had some contestants belonging to various ethnicities over the years. 

As a result, you can find Japanese cuisine in Melbourne, while there are some great options for Thai Olympic Park in Sydney West.


You will be surprised to know that the popularity of Asian cuisine has skyrocketed in Australia. In fact, Thai cuisine has been rated the most popular ethnic cuisine in the country, in a survey and on Google trends.  

This has given birth to numerous Thai restaurants in many places, including Thai Olympic Park in Western Sydney. Among the 3000 Thai restaurants in Sydney, many reside in this suburban area.

In fact, other than hosting the Sydney 2000 Olympics, the place is perhaps most known for its love for Thai cuisine. 

Even during the 2021 lockdown in Sydney, the people relied a lot on the local takeaways, which served these ethnic dishes.

However, this is nothing new! The first Thai restaurant opened in Australia in 1976. Ever since then, the country has hosted the highest number of Thai restaurants per person compared to any other country. 

The sweet, sour, and hot taste of the ethnic cuisine really seems to tempt the Australian palette. Nonetheless, this ethnic cuisine has secured its place with a popularity score of 73. Some of the favourite dishes of Aussies are Tom Yum, spring rolls, fried rice, and Thai green curry.


While Thai food is most prevalent in Queensland, New South Wales, and Victoria, Japanese cuisine has also received lots of love from Western Australia. However, this cuisine is most prevalent in Victoria and Melbourne, with a popularity score of 100 in both places. 

Not just the food but even the Japanese culture seems to be very popular in different areas of Australia. For instance, Auburn Botanic Gardens, near the Sydney Olympic Park, is very popular for its Japanese Gardens.

Sydney Olympic Park even has its own sushi train restaurant.

Australians seem to love the simplicity of Japanese culture and food. Also, as the issue of sustainability becomes more prevalent, cooking methods like this that promote natural and ethically sourced ingredients will become popular. 

In terms of popularity all over Australia, Japanese cuisine comes much behind Thai food. However, Aussies still need more exposure to authentic Japanese cuisine. So far, the only dishes that have gained the most popularity are sushi, sake, ramen, and udon. 


The second most popular cuisine all over Australia, according to the survey, is none other than Chinese. Introduced in the 1850s, today, every Australian town has at least one Chinese restaurant. The popularity of Chinese food among Aussies has kept rising from the 1960s till 2017. In fact, there have been speculations that it was the most popular dish in Australia in 2017. 

However, since Google Trends pick up the statistics from every computer user, it can deliver a much more authentic result. According to the survey, Chinese cuisine is most prevalent in South Wales, Queensland, and the Western Australian region, like Sydney Olympic Park. 

Mandurah on the Southwest Coast of Western Australia can be considered the capital of Chinese food in the country. But even a tiny place like Olympic Park does not fall behind.

With its love for diversity, Olympic Park, the most extensive urban parkland in Australia has also embraced Chinese cuisine as its own.

Some of the most popular Chinese dishes that Aussies love includes sweet and sour pork, hot pot, sweet pork bun, dumplings, and Peking duck. 


Apart from these top three, there are cuisines from other ethnicities as well that have been gaining popularity in Australia. However, the triumph of Thai and Chinese food is definitely a glorious moment for Asian cuisines. 

Even a small suburban area, like Olympic Park has accommodated various ethnicities in its culture. This is definitely an excellent example of the inclusion of ethnic food in Australia’s lifestyle.

While the reason behind this cannot be determined, some say popular TV shows and tourism might be the reason. Nonetheless, the Chinese, Japanese, and Thai cuisines are here to stay, and their popularity will not fade anytime soon.

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