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Betting options for Indians

People have been betting on sporting events for many years. The first bets date back to the 17th century, but some sources suggest that it was much longer ago. It was only in the 19th century that bookmaking appeared and began to develop in the world.

Today, betting has changed a lot, but it is still liked all over the world. It is all about the excitement of the bettor during the match on which the bet has been placed. 

Betting on sports in the 21st century has become as simple as possible – anyone can place a bet anywhere and anytime using the internet. The advancement of science and technology allows betting to remain one of the world’s favorite pastimes!

The development of technology has greatly influenced the betting market throughout its history, as has already been mentioned. Today, it can be said that without the internet, betting would almost disappear. 

There are three betting options available to Indian bettors today: 

  • Using the bookmaker’s official website;
  • Through a mobile sports betting app;
  • Using the mobile version of the website.

Each option has its specifics. We will now try to understand the peculiarities of each way of betting on sports in India. 

Official websites

is still done through official betting sites.

If you want to sign up to a bookmaker’s website, our team has put together a great one-stop guide that will work for any sportsbook in India:

  1. On the website (usually at the top of the site), find a button called “Register” for users;
  2. Click on it;
  3. Enter the required details (Usually, name, country, currency, etc.)
  4. Click “Register”. If all your details have been entered correctly, your account will be registered immediately. 

Standard registration involves providing personal information, creating a password, and verifying it. This normally takes only a few minutes.

You must click the registration button after you have entered your details in the relevant fields. By clicking this button you confirm that you have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Mobile apps

Today, betting can be done anytime and anywhere using a smartphone. To do so, users download additional software. It allows access to the services of sports bookmakers online. A small mobile device makes it possible to keep the app close at hand at all times. 

Almost 29% of all payments are made using a mobile device. A few years ago, the figure was around 12%, indicating the tremendous growth of this form of sports betting.

Today, almost all bookmakers’ apps offering their services in India run on two operating systems: Android and iOS. Android is the most common operating system in the country. About 65 percent of all app users use it. The other part is iOS-based smartphones.

There are various problems with online betting apps downloading. There are a few details to keep in mind when it comes to Android, even if you can spot an iOS app in the App Store and download it immediately.

The app will not be available for download on the official Play Store for Android devices. This is due to Google’s philosophy of banning, restricting, and discouraging the installation of gambling apps.

Therefore, you need to follow these steps to download the app on your Android system:

  1. Find the official website of the bookmaker whose app you want to install;
  2. Find the link to the betting app download;
  3. Select the online betting app (in case there are alternatives, such as an online casino app);
  4. Download the apk file to your device;
  5. Allow the installation of the app from untrusted sources;
  6. Start installing the app using the apk file;
  7. Wait for the app to fully download and locate it on your device’s desktop.

Mobile version of sites

The mobile version of the website offers the option of not having to download additional software to your smartphone (betting app). Therefore, you do not need to update the app. 

In this case, the website is used for betting, but it has some disadvantages compared with the app. For example, slower updating of odds, slower operation, difficulty in navigation, etc.

It is worth noting that the mobile site was once quite popular among bettors. Despite the decline in activity these days, many users continue to use it to play.

Bookmakers’ apps – the best way to bet

Many users are now starting to move to mobile betting, and some are using both options at the same time – mobile and computer. Although today, much of the betting market is still dominated by computer-based betting, there has been a huge increase in the number of betting app downloads. 

Online betting apps in India are relatively new, but they already boast huge popularity. And we are sure that the growth will not stop yet. All this is because users choose convenience and comfort. The users choose comfort and speed when they use an app. 

Best betting apps in India 2022

Because of the huge popularity of betting in India, a huge struggle is being created between bookmakers. Such high competition makes it difficult to choose applications for customers – there are so many offers. However, not every option turns out to be good. 

Today, our team of betting market experts has compiled the TOP best sports betting apps in India in 2022. This will help you lookout for the best options available. 

  • Betway app;
  • Parimatch app;
  • 1xBet app;
  • 10Cric app;
  • 1Win app.

How do we create the TOP?

Certainly, the list of the best betting apps was not taken from the head. To identify the leaders, our team has analyzed the entire betting market in India and studied a wealth of customer feedback. 

Of course, every one of these apps will not suit everyone – customers have their preferences and that’s fine.

Our criteria

Of course, each of the bookmakers in our top picks was chosen for a reason. There were different reasons for choosing each of them. 

If we talk about the most basic criteria that a bookmaker’s app should have for greater convenience, we can distinguish characteristics that fall into four types: 

  • Security and reliability;
  • Fairness and fair play;
  • Main features;
  • Advanced features. 

The first three items on this list should be a must for a good site. Security and reliability are manifested in qualities such as having a license and registration number, legality in the country, a privacy policy that protects the personal data of the bookmaker’s clients, etc. Another important and indispensable quality for a bookmaker is honesty. It allows users to play fairly, both against the sportsbook and against other users, if any. The basic features include the availability of standard betting options, the variation of sports that can be bet on, the ability to make deposits and withdrawals, etc. This base allows customers to enjoy the standard features of the average bookmaker. 

The last point – additional features – allows customers to use the most advanced technology and the most convenient options – bonus system, streaming services, language support, ways of contacting the support team, etc. 

As the first three items are mandatory, our choice in almost all cases was made solely because of the last characteristic – additional features. After comparing the services of various sports betting sites, our expert team has chosen the best sports betting sites in India! 


Is it legal to bet with online betting apps in India?

The only law regulating betting in India is The Public Gambling Act of 1867. The law is so old that it does not regulate bookmakers on the internet. So yes, we can safely say that online betting is legal.

However, don’t forget to pay taxes on your winnings!

May I create two or more accounts in the app?

No, it is forbidden by the rules of sportsbooks (every sportsbook forbids it) as it violates the rules of fair play. If someone is found to have two or more accounts, they will all be permanently blocked without the possibility of recovery. In addition, the offender will be banned from using the bookmaker’s services. 

Are the Indian rupees supported in apps?

Of course. Our experts have studied the Indian market and it goes without saying that every one of the betting apps in our top list supports the use of INRs. 

May I bet on cricket with the online app?

Of course, you are. Cricket is the backbone of the betting market in India. Almost half of all betting is on cricket. You will be able to take advantage of cricket betting features in the app online. 

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