How To Register A Company?

The rules for registering a company can vary from country to country. The process is quite simple; it takes a week to register a company there. However, if you want to register a company yourself, it might take more time to understand the legalities. Still, many service providers can assist you in adequately writing your company.

To register your company in any metropolitan city of Australia, you must report it under one governing body, i.e., the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). You will also be required to have a company number, fax number, and business number to go ahead with your business. Many policies and agreements provide you with entrepreneurial benefits in the country.

If you are planning to register your company and want to understand the process, then the following points will help you:

You can choose a service provider or do it yourself.

The first step of registering your company involves understanding the actions and choosing whether you want to register yourself or take help from a professional service provider. Many such companies provide full-fledged assistance in exchange for a fee amount.

The country’s legislature provides you with different business structures to choose from. You can select the type, and based on the respective rules, you can move ahead with your registration. These types are charitable organisations, registrable bodies, and unique purpose companies.

Select the name

When you plan on opening a business or registering a company, you usually have a name in mind. However, it is essential to check whether the title you have selected is available or not. After reviewing its availability, you must reserve it before registering so that no one else takes it. Your company should reflect its legal status. Make sure you go through all the rules and regulations for naming a company before registering.

Set up regulations

If you are planning to register a company, it is crucial to set up specific rules and regulations for it to be used for effective governance. You might need a set of rules in case of dual ownership or partnership with two or more people. But if you are the only leader or owner, you will not require a constitution.

Establish the leadership

The next step is to establish all the directors and shareholders. You can have more than one director, but it is essential to take their consent before making them your directors. There can be many shareholders.

Share structure

When you establish share members of your company, you have to decide the class of shares they own. There is a difference between class A share, Class B share, and common share; each holds different rights for its owners. So, it is essential to establish shareowners based on the rights you want to give them.

Head office

The next step is to establish a head office in one city of the country you are registering your company. After opening a head office, you can open more branches in any other city or country based on specific regulations.

You will be able to work in your registered company with all these documents. However, you must keep in mind that there are specific protocols you must not cross as it might lead to the cancellation of your company’s license. Many service providers can help you understand all the limitations and rules and help you register your company.

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