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Designing Bathrooms 101: Wall Hung Vanity Guide

Designing your bathroom takes a lot of thought processes, especially the specific elements to insert that could either make or break your sanctuary. So, to help you with your renovation project, this article will give you a breakdown of the things you have to know when it comes to selecting wall hung vanity.

No matter how small or big your bathroom may be, wall hung vanity units can come in different styles, shapes, sizes, and materials that you can easily incorporate to provide additional character to your bathroom space. Undoubtedly, wall hung vanity units are the elegant and intelligent modern solutions you need to consider in your current or next bathroom make-over.

Why do you need a wall-hung vanity in your bathroom?

Storage should be your top priority when designing your bathroom. No matter the size or the layout, bathroom storage is crucial to reduce clutter. Vanity units have become an important design element in bathrooms for it maintains a well-ordered and restful environment by providing ample storage for cosmetics, toiletries, towels, and many more.

So, if you are currently designing your bathroom space or thinking of starting one soon, you should consider a wall-hung vanity that fits your specific requirements to ensure that it meets your storage needs.

Where should your wall-hung vanity be placed?

An aesthetically pleasing wall-hung vanity can be used as a focal point of your bathroom space. Hence, it makes sense to place your vanity as the centre of your area. However, overall, the bathroom’s layout will still determine where you should place your wall-hung vanity.

If your bathroom has two windows, you can position your wall-hung vanity in between those two. You can also place the vanity opposite your entrance door for more design impressions. If you have an area in the bathroom with an extended height wall compared to other sites, you can also place your wall-hung vanity in that space to be displayed well while ensuring that you have ample space for a mirror above an installed basin.  

What are the available sizes for wall-hung vanities?

Generally, wall-hung vanities can be approximately 400mm wide for small bathrooms and powder rooms. However, there is a broader selection for wall-hung vanities sized in the 500mm to 1,200mm width. Furthermore, wall-hung double unit vanities are usually 1,200mm wide to 2,400mm.

What are the best materials for a wall-hung vanity?

There are several materials available in the market for wall-hung vanities. You can select from more standard timber or painted wall-hung vanity unit to more up-to-date vanities that come with fronts that have glass, stone, lacquer. There are also wall-hung vanities with composite materials in smooth, matt, glossy, or textured finishes. Surfaces and basins of wall-hung vanities can also be integrated, under-mounted, or countertop, that can come as complementary or contrasting in the colour and material of the structural frames.

Designing your bathroom entails adding elements that can stitch your space cohesively. One of the essentials you should not forget when doing a renovation project is adding a wall-hung vanity. This design component provides aesthetics and serves storage functions that you highly need in your bathroom. A wall-hung vanity can significantly elevate your bathroom space’s functionality and style and hence should always be a must in any bathroom renovation project.

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