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Covid Cleaning Services Explained

Covid-19 is a virus that causes fever, cough, tiredness, and loss of taste and smell. The symptoms can vary from mild to deadly, making Covid cleaning services more important than ever.

It is important to have your home and workspaces regularly disinfected by Covid cleaning services.

Ensure that the company you subscribe to has an electrostatic disinfection method and the newest cleaning technology available. Don’t settle for regular spray and fogging methods, as electrostatic sprayers are much more effective in combating Covid-19.

Disinfecting your home and office will give you peace of mind when it comes to your health and wellness.

Electrostatic sprayers charge the expelled disinfecting solution, thus allowing it to stick and wrap around surfaces easier.

What You Should Look for in Covid Cleaning Services

An essential element to check off with cleaning services is its SW2 application because it keeps surfaces protected for the next three months, long after the cleaning company has done its job.

The technology was developed to kill antibiotic-resistant superbugs in hospitals.

The spray system creates a barrier on surfaces that kills germs and bacteria for up to 15 weeks, eliminating the need to book numerous deep cleaning appointments.

The SW2 spray system works best for office chairs, desks, walls, floors, bed frames, wheelchairs, sinks, toilets, carpets, draperies, carts, touch screen devices, and more.

It’s Not Just Deep Cleaning; It’s COVID-proofing

Covid is a virus that is not to be taken lightly. Millions of people have died from the virus globally already, making deep cleaning services a necessity in your home or office.

Deep cleaners wear a full body suit, gloves, goggles, a cap, and a face shield to eliminate traces of Covid-19 in your space.

Professional deep cleaning is needed to keep your business open.

Ensuring the availability of SW2 sprays will make sure that an antimicrobial barrier is formed on your room’s surfaces, giving you peace of mind.

You can avoid being short-staffed in your workplace with the science-backed protection method.

SW2 won’t be removed by traditional forms of disinfectants. It has a hard-wearing polymer coating that sticks to surfaces—a design that makes it last a long time.

SW2 forms a barrier that bonds to hard and soft layers to provide top-notch protection for your home or office.

Protecting Your Employees and Clients From COVID

To alleviate the chances of people in your home or office getting covid, make sure that those who have symptoms do not report to work.

Subscribe to deep cleaning services every three months and highlight the importance of personal hygiene.

Screen your employees and keep a physical distance to avoid getting sick.

Wear the appropriate personal protective equipment where it’s deemed appropriate. A flu mask is an absolute necessity nowadays.

Educate your employees and loved ones about proper hand hygiene and physical distancing.

When someone tells you that they’re experiencing Covid symptoms, tell them to isolate themselves and take the day off to recuperate to avoid infecting others.

Spread the Word

Right now, all establishments need to be educated about how they can protect those coming and going to their spaces.

Cleaning services are now expanding their services with a focus on Covid disinfection.

You can protect so many people around you by subscribing to these services. Ensure that the company you’re hiring has all the latest in technology when it comes to disinfection.

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