Safety Tips On How To Handle Your Vape’s Battery

The batteries used in e-cigarettes are not like those found in any remote control. So while experienced vapers may already know how to work with their vape batteries, keeping them safe is another thing to learn.

You have come to the right place to know about the do’s and don’ts in safekeeping e-cig batteries. But, unfortunately, committing even the slightest mistake around them may cause you a big problem. You can use only the best vape device out there, like Innokin, but you must not be too lax in maintaining this device. You wouldn’t want another story on the news about vaping devices exploding and causing a fire.

What Makes Vaping Batteries Different?

The battery found in e-cigarettes comes in many different sizes. However, the one used in most vaping devices is the 18650 cell. You can also see some of the latest e-cig variants using smaller batteries like 20700, 21700, and 26650. However, the way of handling them is just the same.

Today’s common denominator of all the available rechargeable vaping batteries today is lithium ion. Unlike the standard batteries that contain nickel, lithium-based batteries do not need to be discharged right away after one use.

You can prolong the life of vaping batteries by charging them when you see the low power notification in your device. Leaving your lithium-based battery drained out of power for a long time will affect its efficiency. Nonetheless, this kind of battery is known to be long-lasting compared to your AA or AAA batteries.

If there is one similarity that vaping batteries share with other rechargeable batteries, it is the risk of overcharging them. It is why you should never leave your vaping devices charging overnight, like how you are not supposed to do the same with your mobile phones.

You might end up seeing your e-cig no longer functioning the following day, but there are much worse things that can happen.

Safety Tips on How to Prevent Mishaps With Your Vaping Battery

The number one safety tip on how to handle your vape device’s battery is to always store them in a safe place. You must not leave the battery anywhere when removing it from the e-cig. It would be risky to put them in your bag or pockets, especially if there are other batteries in them.

If you have two or more powered cells rubbing with each other in a closed space, there is a chance that one of them will be statically charged and make a sudden spark. You will end up causing a fire, but the worst thing that can happen from here is that all batteries inside your bag will explode.

The best way to store your vaping batteries for safekeeping is to buy a transport case for each battery. It will also prevent the batteries from being in contact with metallic objects such as coins, for these can form a closed circuit with your battery that will result to an explosion.

Another thing you should avoid is exposing your vaping battery to fluctuating temperatures. You are not only risking permanent damage to the battery but also explosions. When the battery comes from a place with freezing temperature then brought to an extremely hot area, this might cue the battery to ignite.

If you are using a sturdy vaping device like Innokin, It is highly recommended to keep their batteries in temperature ranging from 10 to 46 degrees Celcius or 50 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Last but not the least, when you are charging your vaping device, never place them near flammable materials like pillows and blankets. This is why charing your e-cig at nighttime is a bad idea.

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