Home Bound: How to Enjoy Your Stay at Home

The World Health Organization reported that we are nearing the grim milestone of five million deaths. But at the same time, they share the number of vaccines administered. The former is finally slowing down. The latter also tells us that we might finally be at the end of this dark tunnel.

To the country’s sound of collective sigh of relief, Australia finally opened borders. But it may not be time to go out and party. We still have deadly variants hovering over us. We must remain vigilant as ever.

With this said, it may be an excellent time to revisit our lockdown hobbies. We do not necessarily put ourselves on voluntary quarantine. But we may choose to avoid the crowd and stay home. Here are some fun ways to do at home:

Go Crafty

It does not sound fun. But do not immediately dismiss this idea. It can be a great stress reliever. It can also teach you some necessary skills.

Let us take sewing as an example. According to a 2017 poll, 60% of adults in the UK do not know how to sew. Learning how to fix buttons can come in handy. It can also serve as a source of income. Do we now have your attention?

If that does not catch your attention, allow us to point out the brilliant benefits of your mental health when pursuing crafts. As you divert your mind from your usual grind to the task at hand, in this case, inspecting the different vintage sewing patterns, your body releases dopamine. This hormone is a natural anti-depressant.

Once you start the sewing project, your body will continue to produce dopamine. It will also protect your mind from aging. Many scientists noticed that intellectually exhilarating activities delay or even prevent dementia. They even say that this type of activity can improve your reasoning skills.

When you see the finished product, you will also get a great sense of satisfaction. It will serve to entice your brain to seek more of the said activity.

Learn Something New

Another excellent way to spend your time at home is to learn something new. Perhaps, you can teach yourself a new language or even the stock exchange. We believe that if you go online, you might as well do something useful.

If you choose to learn a new language, this will open up job opportunities that would not be available if you only spoke your native tongue. Learning this new language will give you a new (and positive) perspective on the culture associated with the language.

It also improves your cranial capacity. Switching from your mother tongue to your newly-learned language and vice versa forces your brain to work more efficiently. Thus, it staves off dementia and neurological aging. It will also make you more competent.

Let us say that you choose to learn something for fun-playing a musical instrument. You may think that it is a trivial endeavor. But this can also improve your cognitive abilities. You can attest to the accuracy of this assumption when you know the numerous brilliant minds who play musical instruments.

Family Fun

If you have kids, you may want to limit the time that they spend with their devices. We cannot discount the fact that technology brought our loved ones closer during the government-mandated lockdowns. But they also pose a grave risk to our health both physical and mental.

In this case, why don’t you introduce some fun board games? If you want to improve your son’s vocabulary, you can start a weekly scrabble game. Or you can teach your young ones about the basics of financing by teaching them how to play the monopoly.

If you have kids too young to read, you can organize a little drama for them. Let us say that your brood comprises a teenager, two children aging 6 to 10 years old, and a toddler. In this case, you can assign your adolescent to read the story and the three young ones to act the story out.

You can also engage them in cooking. It is a good way for them to appreciate the food that you serve. If you have kids aging 3 to 6, you can ask them to beat eggs or roll dough. They can also arrange the toppings of your homemade pizza.

Final Thoughts

Scientists are wary of the new COVID-19 strains. They even say that the Delta variant is more dangerous than the original virus. With that said, it is better to follow government mandates. Although we must not allow the pandemic to run our lives, we should not take unnecessary risks.

You can, of course, go out of your house. But if it is not necessary, it is better to stay away from the crowds. The tips enumerated in this article will make your stay at home bearable.

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