Making Websites Mobile-friendly Is Becoming Vital To SEO

It is no less some trance to see your beautiful website ready before you. You buy wonderful hosting, install the theme, write blogs, and Tada! You dream of that top spot in the SERP. It is a dream of many, and for many, it comes true. But times do change and demand evolution alongside. The Internet, although nonliving, is a creation of living. People create things and evolve them according to the demands of time. You sure might have opted for the best SEO Services (USA) and kept ranking top for very long, but then it dropped all of a sudden! What could have happened? The answer is simple — a Google update. Google aims at providing the best user experience, and thus it keeps on analyzing the global trends. Earlier when phones were costly, people were optimizing mobile-friendly websites for PCs. But times have changed and mobile phones are bringing a revolution. To buy Backlinks (USA) alone won’t assure you a top spot in SERP.

There are over and around 4.32 billion active mobile internet users worldwide. Things are such that now mobile internet traffic accounts for around 54.18% of the total search traffic; this is more than half. This sheer fact is the reason that Google now is focusing on mobile user experience. If your website looks wonderful over the laptop but goes butt-faced when loaded on mobile, you need to read this.

Mobile-Friendliness in SEO and things you can do about it

It would not be wrong to call mobile another organ of the Human Body. It has sort of attached itself to our brains. We wake up using it, talk to people, surf, listen, play, search, buy, sell, and what not! If you wonder your website is mobile-friendly and doesn’t need some of those best SEO Services (USA), then there is a tool for you to check. Google provides a tool to check how mobile-friendly your website is. If the result comes positive, then there still are things that you can do to improve the overall experience. Here is a guide on how to make a website mobile-friendly.

Try keeping your design simple

Although it might be tempting to have a fancy-looking website, it could be harmful. Fancy and heavy themes take longer to load and fail to align themselves per the mobile screen resolution. It is advisable to use a simple yet elegant theme for your website. This helps in faster load rate, pleasing experience to the eyes, and lower bounce rate if your content is of quality.

Keep your media optimized

If you use a lot of media (or even just one image) then the suggestion is to optimize them as per SEO standards. Shrinking or compressing the image is one such simple thing that makes a website load faster on the mobile. Apart from it, use alt-text and description to tell what the image is about. Keep an image resolution that is stable and easy to the eyes while not compromising the text around it. Using image alt-text and description is one such thing that most do overlook. A lot of traffic comes from google image searches. This makes image and media optimization vital for a website’s ranking.

Avoid fancy fonts!

There are two things that it sorts out — it helps to make fonts easier to read; it does not lead to font not getting supported by several devices. By using a standard and classical font, you make sure that your reader is able to read what you have to offer. It helps in a lower bounce rate and an increased user experience.

Using a responsive theme makes things easier

A responsive theme is one that adapts its layout according to the device it is used on. A lot of WordPress themes these days are responsive and do not require a lot of coding. When you use a responsive theme, you make sure that it adapts itself per the different devices, e.g., Tab, Mobile, and Laptop.

Don’t flash that Flash!

Using Flash inflicts upon your website’s loading speed. Above it, Flash is losing support on most of the devices these days. So, if you are still stuck at that old technique of using Flash, it is time to reconsider the same. Using Flash also challenges the security of your website.

Eliminate those screen pop-ups

Nothing comes more brutal to a user experience than a pop-up trying to stop you from reading. Pop-ups are not all that bad; they help the website. But when it comes to mobile usage, a pop-up can really take over the whole screen. This might lead to a lower user-retention rate in the long term. Nobody would want to return to a website full of popups. If you really want to use a pop-up, then try using it at the very bottom of the page. Make sure your pop-up is apt enough to immediately engross the user’s mind.

Why is mobile friendliness a crucial ranking factor?

Mobile phones have a lot of features that laptops or PCs really lack. NLP is making voice search a possibility. Looking at the number of mobile users, no wonder companies will try to target the mobile user experience. If you are unknown to the technicalities involved, you might want to go for some Best SEO Services USA. To Buy Backlinks USA is fine, but neglecting this evolving aspect is turning crucial around website rankings. Mobile-Friendliness has become a ranking factor among those others, and one might not want to ignore it.

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