Infinireels vs Infinity Reels in Slot Machine Games: Are they the same?

If you have been browsing the net for new online slot game developments, then you need not look any further because we would like to present you with a couple of the most recent evolutions that are taking the online casino world by storm!

Some igamers out there may just want to stick to their one slot game because it has been reliable, sturdy, easy to play, and alright at paying out, but the more adventurous slot gamers will know that it is all about following the newest features that slot games have to offer – try and enjoy spins at Mega Reel.

We hope that you will try out and enjoy Infinireels and Infinity Reels after we key you in on what they are and how they work. So, if you want a good time then we thoroughly suggest you listen up!

What are Infinireels and Infinity Reels and what is the Difference Between the Two of them?

You may be looking at both kinds of new online slot game development and thinking: are they the same? If you have heard of Infinireels or Infinity Reels then you will certainly know that the answer is that they are not the same, but very subtly.

Here is what Infinireels and Infinity Reels in slot machine games are:

·         They are sometimes triggered as a bonus round for some lucky players, or the entire slot game is based on Infinireels or Infinity Slots.

·         If you are lucky enough to be able to score Infinireels or Infinity Reels then you will be presented with a bonus round that offers players the chance to spin on, you guessed it, an infinite reel!

·         This means that there are infinite possibilities for that spin and that you could be walking away from Infinireels or Infinity Reels with a pocket lined with golden coins!

·         Keep your eyes peeled for this new development because it is hard to come by and if you manage to catch it then it would be a shame to give up the opportunity.

With that being said, what is the difference between Infinireels and Infinity Reels in online slot machines?

·         We get that it can be confusing, considering they have similar names and similar functions, but, Infinireels is owned by the reputable online casino company NetEnt whilst the concept for Infinity Reels is owned by Reel Play.

·         Dependent on what game you are playing, the Infinireels or Infinity Reels functions may be over so slightly different in prizes or workings.

What is better: Infinireels vs Infinity Reels in Online Slot Machine Games?

Some igamers swear by playing online casino games produced by only the most well-renowned and famous developers. For them, we suggest that they go and visit NetEnt’s Infinireels. But, if you want the original version created by a smaller and more independent company then Infinity Reels by Reel Play is the one for you.

At the end of the day, it is your choice, both will bring you loads of fun, and, hopefully, both will be able to stick some extra cash in your bank!

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