Top Automotive Tech Coming by 2025

The automotive industry continues to see incredible advances every year as manufacturers push the boundaries and incorporate new tech to deliver better, feature-rich and luxurious experiences to drivers around the world.

By 2025, there are expected to be more exciting advances as 5G, mobile robotics, artificial intelligence and automation make their mark on new vehicles. By completing a master degree in computer engineering, you could also be part of the exciting future for automotive engineering and other aspects of the industry.

An MS Engineering-ECE-Advanced Mobility program will equip you with the skills and technical expertise to make a difference in a world where computer systems and advanced tech are central to the development of cars and vehicles. Here are four forms of new tech that you could be working on.

5G-based warnings

The rollout of ultrafast 5G has been a major development in the mobile industry during the last couple of years, and the ongoing rollout will support the arrival of a new warning system built into cars that will detect pedestrians, vehicles and other objects by 2022.

This could literally be a lifesaver for both drivers and people on the road as the faster, broader bandwidth inherent to 5G will be able to check for obstacles and ping warnings to anyone who may be unaware that a vehicle or cyclist is near. Expect to see Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) in production cars by next year.

Self-driving cars

There is one major revolution on the horizon for automotive tech. Self-driving cars have already entered the mainstream in some form, with Tesla’s vehicles now featuring advanced hardware that supports autopilot features. Elon Musk’s company has stated that full self-driving capabilities will very much be possible in the future.

This will fundamentally change how people interact with their vehicles. While it will probably be later in the decade when this is truly feasible, Intel recently stated that its low-cost lidar chips could power “self-driving cars for the masses” by 2025.

Personalized climate control systems

The recent personalization trend is set to transform climate control systems in the coming years, with car tech giant Valeo recently lifting the lid on a new type of ventilation system that is “targeted” for each driver.

It does this by using infra-red cameras and facerecognition to analyze body heat, and then adjusts settings accordingly so that everyone is just at the right temperature. In addition to being more comfortable for drivers and passengers, the system is more energy-efficient than traditional air conditioning. A handy touchscreen offers a wealth of other interesting data and info.

Solid-state batteries

Samsung said last year that it had made a “chemical breakthrough” that could eventually enable it to start manufacturing solid-state batteries for electric cars. The new tech will deliver longer ranges for these energy-efficient vehicles, which is crucial for increasing the appeal and usability of them in the years to come.

Currently, EVs and hybrids are powered by lithium-ion batteries within electric motors that can last for up to 300 miles. Solid state promises to increase that to 600 miles while also reducing wear over time and improving the quality of charging.

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