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In the 21st century you will be incredibly hard pressed to find another gambling game that has had quite as much of a rejuvenation as bingo has over the last few years, with online slots being the only real exception to the rule. What was once simply the province of care homes and some schools has expanded into a global gambling phenomenon, with millions of people playing on its various forms every single week.

A very early form of bingo originated in Italy during the 1600s, before it spread to France via wealthy businessmen, and finally came to dominate the whole world. But here’s the thing: if it wasn’t for an entrepreneurial mastermind named Edwin S. Lowe bingo would never have reached the commercial peak that it has done. He devised the scorecards we all know and love today, and the entire bingo industry is indebted to him. Let’s take a look at the crazy global extent of bingo in the 21st century – visit Barbados Bingo.


As we have already mentioned, it is the Italians that deserve the most thanks for their part in developing the game of bingo, as a lottery called Il Gioco del Lotto d’Italia was created in 16th century Italy, and ended up laying the foundations for the modern game of bingo we know today.

And the Italians never really forget about this, as bingo remains incredibly popular in the Mediterranean country, even for the younger population. The online bingo industry in Italy is also going strong since its legalisation in 2007. Italy just loves bingo!


Whilst the rest of Europe was using bingo as a gambling game in the 1800s, the Germans were using it for an entirely different reason. Bingo was used extensively in German schools over this period in order to teach their students about things like simple mathematics and probability. Ever the practical types those Germans, eh?

These days this tradition continues in German schools, although the Central European country has also begun gambling quite a lot on bingo too. 


The United States of America is where the modern day version of bingo was first devised by Edwin S. Lowe, and as such there is a very healthy relationship with it over the Atlantic. At first bingo was played in travelling fairs, and it was actually originally called “Beano”, however the entrepreneurial businessman saw an opportunity and took it with zeal.

These days bingo is played all across America, and it is one of the largest gambling industries there too.


You have to feel sorry for the Brazilian bingo gambling contingent, as their government hasn’t looked very kindly on the game over history. In fact, bingo halls were banned in the country all the way back in 1943, with the government worrying that it would have an adverse affect on the population.

They were finally legalised in 1993, something that resulted in thousands of bingo halls opening up all across the vast South American country. However bingo was then banned again in 2004 – make up your mind, eh?

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