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Different Wedding Ring Designs

Getting married is one of the most exciting and special moments in life. It is the beginning of a new journey of life. 

That’s the reason why everything related to our wedding has to be special and memorable. The perfect ring is the first and the most important thing that can make it memorable for your lifetime. 

Buying a perfect wedding ring is not as easy as buying other things for your wedding. This is because there are so many different styles and designs available, it can be hard to decide what you should choose. 

Nowadays the parents are not the ones to decide which ring to buy. Today, it’s all about the individual choice and the wedding ring that reflects their style, taste, and values. 

There is a ring out there for every budget and taste. So if you’re planning to propose or need to buy a wedding ring, here are some ideas on what to buy.

Below are the different designs of wedding rings you can choose from:

  1. Solitaire

A solitaire is the most classic and the most commonly used wedding ring design.

It is called the solitaire because of the uses of a single stone in the design. To enhance the look and beauty of the ring, a solitaire diamond or any other gem is often mounted on a simple band with a prong or claw setting. 

If you have a simple, elegant, and classic choice, the solitaire is the perfect design for you. It’s also the type of ring that never goes out of fashion, so you know your ring will never look outdated. A  solitaire with a gold band is commonly used for mens gold wedding bands

  • Cluster

The term cluster refers to a group of things positioned together. Hence,  cluster ring design is set up of many smaller stones together to create the same effect as that of a  larger diamond. 

For the same reason, they are also called ‘illusion’ rings. That makes them a perfect and affordable option for a wedding ring. 

Using a cluster of small diamonds is a great way to maximize the sparkle and look without blowing your budget. It’s also a versatile option, choose either a traditional circle cluster or a more unique and modern design as per your choice.

You can choose any stone you want or you can also have a combination of stones to make it look unique. 

  • Double stone design   

The double stone setting has come back into fashion recently. This is due to its popularity amongst celebrities. 

The two stones represent you and your partner, joined together for a lifetime. While the traditional design is two diamonds of the same shape and size. But in recent times people go for two contrasting stones shapes or colors. Square and pear is a unique combination.  

  • Three stone design

Also known as the ‘trilogy’ style, three-stone wedding rings are an incredibly romantic and perfect choice. 

That’s because the three stones are symbolic. They are traditionally said to represent past, present, and future, or you, me, and us. 

Trilogy ring settings are very versatile, depending on the size, type, and shape of the stones used. One popular option is to have a big center diamond with two smaller stones or three mid-size stones of equal size. 

A modern take on the trilogy style is to use a color gem as the center stone and diamonds on the sides. This design is as meaningful as it is beautiful.

  • Bezel Wedding ring

The bezel is considered to be one of the safest ring settings. The gem is anchored in place with a metal border instead of raised metal shoulders. 

Because there’s less risk of the stone being scratched or falling out, the bezel setting is an excellent choice for an engagement ring. While more expensive than traditional rings, bezel engagement rings don’t require as much maintenance and care. 

That is because there are no claws that need to be checked or tightened during the course of time. However, less light will be able to penetrate the center stone so it may also appear smaller.

  • Cathedral

The cathedral setting has been popular for a long time because of its traditional and elegant style. 

Its name comes from the way the metal of shoulders curves up to support the diamond. These curves look just like the arches of a cathedral. They can be set with pave diamonds to add more sparkle or left plain. 

 Either way, the structure and architectural vibe of the Cathedral style makes it the perfect choice for a wedding ring.

  • Halo

Halo is one of the most popular and beautiful looking wedding ring styles. That’s because it creates a dazzling shimmer around the center stone while letting the center stone shine. 

A row of smaller diamonds creates a border or halo around the central stone. The halo stones reflect light onto the center stone, making it seem even more shiny and sparkly. 

 A halo setting is a perfect way to set off a beautiful white diamond or help a smaller stone look larger. It can also provide a stunning contrast if you choose a color gem for the center and smaller white diamonds for the border.

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